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my aching ligs

my aching ligs

I have been doing a bit of hanging. I have worked my way up to about #10 and have been hanging for 1 hour a day for about 10 days. I really haven’t felt any difference. Except this morning I grabbed my cock and was going to try stretching at different angles to see if a needed to change the angle to get a better stretch. Anyway, when I pulled my cock straight down I felt a definite ache deep inside where my cock attaches to the bones inside. I was very surprised at how sore those ligs are.

Am I on the right track?
Is that ache that I’m supposed to be shooting for?
Should I slack off until the ache stops?

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Sounds good to me. Monitor the feeling on your next workout…if you feel like you need to reduce weight to complete the set, reduce the weight.

Thanks for the reply. I don’t think I’ve gone to the point that I feel like my ligs are aching too much. The biggest hurdle has been getting the wrap right and the wrench put on right.

I think that someone said here that it is one thing to say to hang a lot of weight, and quite another to get the hanger to work right. I feel like I’m still at the experimental stage of using a hanger.

I use a Wench to hang and agree that the wrap and wench combo can be difficult to dial in. I use self adhesive coaches wrap and find less wrap is better. Hang anything over ten pounds and you may want to consider using two cable clamps to get a stronger broader grip. With one I get a lot of slipping and the Wench ends up down near my head.

From my experience that deep tug and dull soreness later is good. My soreness goes away after a day of not hanging or light manual stretching.

I looked at your PE stats. Way to stick with it Shooter. Have you gained any length since August?

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Hey Thanks Shunga…

That is the problem I am having. The wrench wants to slip down and hangs up on top of the head. not comfortable at all.

I think I will try a different wrap. And maybe two clamps. Where did you get the coaches wrap?

I haven’t measured lately. I want to put a solid month of hanging in first.

Hi, I started up hanging again about 2 weeks ago and am wondering if I overdid it. After hanging 10 lbs I couldn’t walk very well later in the day. My whole front was sore around the base of my penis as well as my inner thighs. Previously I was using about 7 1/2 lbs with no problems. I tried 10 for my 2nd set and ran out of time. There was no pain or anything while hanging, all went well. It was later on that the soreness started. I could hardly walk at bedtime and had a hard time turning over in bed. Today I’m still a little gimpy but not as bad. What did I do wrong and has anyone else ever had this happen?

On the Capt'ns Wench

I use a wench too, and, yes, it does tend to slip a bit, no matter how well you put it on, but I consistently hang at 20 pounds with it.

1. Wrap _tightly_, maintaining tension all the while stretching your dick out. This is a bit of a feat with only two hands till you get the hang of it. The wrap should be tight enough that it compresses your dick noticably. Secure the free end with some electrician’s tape.

2. If your wench is not equipped with genuine “grippers,” consider changing. I’ve tried several alternatives and grippers really are the best.

3. I put the open wench under around my dick and squeeze with my right hand, to further compress the dick, and then synch up the velcro with my left while maintaining full compression with my right.

4. I apply only one cable clamp, and apply it not mid point in the wench but closer to my pubic bone. This makes the wench take a slight v shape, more open towards the load. If the sucker wants to slip, it funnels your cock into the narrowing wedge, which seems to help a bit with slippage.

5. When applying the weight, _hold_ the captain’s wench in place on your dick—that is, give it support so it doesn’t slip. A dynamic load will tend to cause slippage more than a static load, so lend the wench a bit of support while you’re applying the load. Likewise, avoid moving around a lot once its loaded and your timer is running, because movement in effect increases the loading temporarily, so the wench might slip a bit.

The wench, you got to love it. It’s not perfect… but it’s simple and easy to put together and it works passibly well. I’ve lots of hours at 20 pounds, and I’m thinking of going to 22.5.

Good luck.

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