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Must Start Hanging

Must Start Hanging

Hey fellow PEers,

I’ve been a member of this forum for a while now, but haven’t made PE a part of my lifestyle in quite sometime. I also beleive this is my first ever thread. Anyways I started PEing when i was about 18, in about 6-8 months of PE i gained approximately .75 in length and .25 girth. I stopped making gains after about 6 months of PE. I am now currently 21 years old, and have a new goal and desire to once again fully engage on PE. My prior techniques were basic and consisted of manual jelq, squeezes and manual stretching. After having tried that and experiencing fatigue in my hands from an hour of work a day (30 stretching/ 30 jelqing and squeeze) i decided it was time to try something new. One thing that always caught my eye was hanging, I was always too low on cash to buy a nice BIB or too low on time to do it. Well, After about a few months of not entering Thunders Forum I decided to stop By today to do some reading and also to purchase a BIB hanger. Well, to my surprise that last day to purchase a BIB was June 2nd, I was really looking forward to buying one. I have thought about making my own but alot of the homemade ones that I have seen look much more uncomfortable compared to BIBs hanger and not all that easy to make. Another device that caught my eye was the JELQ device, has anyone tried this device and if soo would you reccomend it or not? Even though i started PE about 3 years ago i still consider myself a begginner and like many of you i will never be satisfied till I hit my length and girth goals, it would be real nice if some of you more experienced and endowed guys could give me some advice about getting back into PE and also provide some insight in finding or making a comfortable hanger which is really what I want to do for length gains. Thnx for reading.

Both the Captain wench and CCH3 are both very comfortable, and at lower weight (up to 8 pounds), I would say they are more comfortable than a bib. I can’t comment on any other home made hanger as I have never built anything else. Give them a go and see what you think.

If gremlins ever sneak in and whisk away my Bib, I’ll make a hanger similar to Piet’s.

Cap’s wench doesn’t grasp my internal structures. I’ve never tried Chickenchoker’s hanger because it appears to be even worse in that regard.

Just giving my opinion. I require a hanger that can get a very strong hold on the CC’s.

i use the wench. its easy to make. there is a big thread about it.

You’ll have a job purchaing a BIB now….

Thnx Guys,

I love this forum because we all support each other here. I’m glad to read the feedback and i’m gonna look into all the good advice you guys are giving me here. Thnx again

"I work my fingers to da bone, my elbow grease seeps, benefits get reaped I keep talk to a minimum"

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