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must I hang to grow?

must I hang to grow?

When I started pe I said to myself that I would never buy any equipment because I didn’t want anyone to know what I was doing. The more I learn from this forum the more I am tempted to get a bib. Right now I do manual stretches and so far I gained 1/2” in 2 months. I’d like to gain at least 1 more inch. I also need to work on girth. I’ve read that hanging is also great for girth too. Should I wait till I hit a plateau before hanging or just go for it?

I believe the general concensus, is that hanging is benificial to both length and girth gain’s (in that order). Where as, jelqing is a girth based excercise with slower length gains. I may be wrong, but that’s the wonderful thing about T’s place. Someone will correct me if I am.

If you are against buying equipment, and are even the least bit handy. You can probably make your own hanger. At least then you can get an idea, as to if you’re into the whole adventure enough to pony up and buy a BIB.

"If you build it, they will come".

thanks for the reply tryn4more. What type of gains have you seen from hanging and how long have you done it?

I have been hanging and PJing for about 3 1/2 mos. To the best of my measuring ability’s I’ve gained maybe 1/4 in length and 1/8 in girth. Measuring is tough, cause you’ll have good boner day’s and some not so good boner day’s. I think, not getting real hung up on measuring-it’s easier to keep a positive attitude. Also if your’e getting harder erection’s and lasting longer, those are both positive attribute’s of PE. Some gain like mad right off, other’s (if they have the fortitude) gain slowly and are happy with their gains. Either way, when it come’s to the whole PE picture-you have to look at it like anything else. If you want something, you must try to obtain it by whatever method necessary. Face it, Barbara Eden isn’t going to cross her arm’s and blink-POOF-youv’e got a bigger dick.Good luck in your quest.

Oh, yeah. If you can find something to do while PEing, it will make the task much easier to tolerate. Speaking for myself, the time is the biggest problem. If I stay busy (while PEing) I find that the session goe’s by much more pleasurably. I set a timer, and try not to watch it.

"If you build it, they will come".

You don’t need any equipment, it just helps :)

In the end you can stretch rather than hang. Currently I stretch for 1-2 20-30 min sessions daily stopping periodicaly to regain bloodflow. The main disadvantage of this when compared to hanging is its damn tiring. I stretch down whilst sitting on the edge of a chair and also with penis pulled around to the back between the cheeks (also while sitting).

I also jelq for 1-2 x 15 min sessions per day. I go for intensity rather than length of session.

I’ve gained 3/4” EL in last 2 months with a 5 on 2 off routine, stretching in the morning and jelqing in the evening and sometime wrapping during the day.

If you want speedy gains then invest in a Bib and maybe a Powerjelq (I have one which I use occassionaly but it doesn’t replace jelqing by hand). For myself if I can grow at this rate (or a little slower) I’m happy.

All you really need is baby oil or lard or whatever you have available but I still ordered a bib hanger cause my arms are getting way too muscular.

It was the best $120.00 I’ve ever spent.

hanging not necessary


Everyone responds uniquely, but in my case hanging was not necessary to make substantial gains. Using manual jelqing, stretching, squeezing, some vacuum pumping and the powerjelq, I’ve been able to make 2 inch gains in both length and girth. If I had had the time and privacy to hang efficiently, I might have given it a shot just to have another technique in my arsenal. But, I am very satisfied with where I am at and feel that I am still making gains without having to hang.


jaji I have found,

That is is fairly easy to make a bib hanger I have made a few out of different materials, and they worked pretty good. But let me tell you, it took me awhile of scurring the $ away while the kids and wife werent looking but it was WELL WORTH it! It is so much more enjoyable and easier on the penis its crazy!!

But I suggest (what its worth) make your own and fiddle with it till you feel comfortable and like “hanging in general” Then if you can get a real Bib. It really is the only way to go. I am in the process of scurring away another 120. just in case my dog decieds its a good chew toy! And I dont ever want to NOT have a bib “hanging” around.

I have Pumped with 300.00 pump for quite a while, jelqed for awhile and even used a Power Jelq which I like but they all dont compare to the Bib!!

This of course is just my opinon for whats its worth, hope it helps

I owe all of my gains to Bib, Thunder & DLD.

Thank you just dosent seem to cover it.

I'll be forever indebted to Them!!


“I still ordered a bib hanger cause my arms are getting way too muscular.”

What’s wrong with more muscular arms? But seriously, how hard are you tugging?

I must not have pulled hard enough when jelqing in the past. Stretching always gave me weaker erections.

Do you think the stretching or jelqing or both have contributed to your length gains? Some on the forum feel that you have to do both in order to see a gain.

I have wondered if hanging is the only option left for me to finally see a gain.


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Extra muscularity from stretching is unbalanced and I really notice that I have to do compensatory poses when I do yoga :(

I tug hard enough to feel a good ligament stretch. Its hard to quantify. Its not so much how hard you pull as pulling for 20 minutes with only minor breaks to regain circulation. I find that I reach a point where pulling harder doesn’t seem to increase the feeling of tension.

When I jelq I do it pretty damn erect and tend to be pulling with one hand whilst I’m applying a new ok at the base.

I think its a bit of both. Stretching in the morning sets me up for a good evenings jelq (I can still feel the results of the morning session in the evening). In total I’ve now gained 1 1/4” - 1 1/2” (I don’t trust my starting measurement) in a total of 4 months PEing.

I’m suprised you associate stretching with bad erections. Are you stretching when totaly flaccid? I’m pretty sure its the jelqing that has helped my erections but I don’t think the stretching has harmed them.

I had to hang to get gains, but if you have are getting 1/4 of an inch per month with manual exercises stick with it. That is very fast, I would be supprised if you would gain faster by hanging. I would stick with what is working and see how far it will take you.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

you’re right it is fast (much faster than I was expecting). It has the downside that I have basically a strip of much lighter skin at the base which I hope will grow darker with time. This is not exactly a huge downside. I expect to plateau before I reach my target of 8” non-pressed at about 80% erection (I think of it as an easy 8). Thats probably another 1 1/4” (currently 7 1/4” ELBP) which I’d be very suprised to reach in another 4 months.

Girth gains are another thing. The only time I’ve tried for girth I injured myself. So I’m kinda steering clear for the moment but I do have a much plumper more cylindrical feel.

I ordered the bib for when all this growth stops.

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