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Multiple Angles

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Not sure, seems interesting.


No, definitely not.

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Multiple Angles

I know alot - if not everyone - preach one angle a sitting…well, has anyone ever done multiple angles in a 20 minute period of time. I think it may be beneficial, I just swivel to whatever angle is getting the most pull, when that neutralizes, I switch to another angle that is pulling good and just keep doing this until 20 minutes is up. Then repeat several times…could this be good or am I wasting my time, no disrepect at all, but even if you believe it isn’t beneficial…I am still goin to do it for a while, because who knows…there are loopholes in the system, please post and share details. Bye.

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As a newbie hanger/PE’er multiple angles may work fine. Once you’ve gone through the easy limiting factors you’re far better off focusing on one area, not only for the duration of a single set, but every set for months at a time.

So my vote is it depends. :)


I may reconsider my idea…maybe it would be best once you are LOT6; that way you can gain equally in all different angles and maintain a LOT6.

I find limiting factors when I hang OTS or BTC, there is always the other (ligiment or tunica) stopping that extra pull that feels good. I like to do an hour of OTC, then when I do BTC it feels like I am getting my money’s worth….that is..if I was paying (time) :-D

Thanks for responding. Everyone please add some thought; maybe we could move this to the “Experiment” forum?

el: 6.5in Long / 5in Wide bpel: 7.5in long Goal: 10in Long / 6in Wide

Maintain a LOT9, not a LOT6.

el: 6.5in Long / 5in Wide bpel: 7.5in long Goal: 10in Long / 6in Wide

I change angles during a session all the time. You see I don’t hang as such but what I do is stretch SO with a bungee cord anchored to a table then I can twist my hips and go completely to the hip bone either side. Then I might do fulcrums by pressing with my thumb on the top of the lig until it is at a 90 degree. Then I can fulcrum the extreme twist also. The only thing I’m missing is SD angle which is picked up by PEweights all day. 90% of my stretching is SO without angling, but I usually will get in some if for no other reason then boredom. Twisting under 10 to 12 pounds of constant pressure is very fatiguing on the base of the ligs.

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Anyone know the best way to hang at different angles using a bib starter, to avoid having the hardware did into your flesh? I guess you could use a towel or something right? what do you guys use that have a bib hanger and hang at different angles?

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I voted for “no, definitely not.”

However, the word “definitely” is too strong. Who am I to say what is definite for PE, I am hardly an expert.

The NO vote is because I don’t think Talian is Hanging as much as he is Stretching.
Hanging is allowing the passive force of attached weight to pull on the penis for an extended period of time. The period of time has been accepted to be 15-20 minutes sets and several sets in a daily session. That’s what hanging is, to me.

Talian’s approach resembles manual stretching.
Talian, what is a typical hanging session for you? Sets, weight, time, etc?

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Yea I recommended multiple angles in my post Around the World STRELQ. Although it isn’t a hanging technique.

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I’m with Ramrod on this

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