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Mountain bike innertire sleeve

Mountain bike innertire sleeve

I’ve already mentioned in a few threads I’m experimenting with a rubber sleeve as a wrap for hanging, which I took from a mountainbike innertire. My current sleeve is rather tight for me. I can’t unroll it over my shaft because rolling it up makes it even tighter. To get it on I stick the index and middle finger of both hands in the sleeve, pull it apart and let it fold then I place it over my shaft and unfold it while removing my fingers.

Usually because of the tightness I get hard but if I don’t I can hang rather comfortably. No pinching, imprints of the wrap in my skin or any redness. I also can just leave it on for the rest of the day if I feel like it. Not that that would help gaining but it saves time having to wrap and unwrap in between sessions ;)

If this sleeve wasn’t as tight it would make a great universal wrap. So I’ve been looking for other mountainbike innertires better than the one I have. All these tires have a diameter of 26”, which gives us a 26” x pi = 82” long sleeve, good for about 27 wraps :) The innertire I have is 1.9” wide before use, the following is what the box says:

Anello 1.75-2.3 €5.00

The interesting ones I found were:

Schwalbe AV13D 2.1-3.0 290g €11.25
Schwalbe DV13 1.5-2.5 190g €4.25
Schwalbe SV13 1.5-2.5 190g €4.25
Schwalbe AV13 1.5-2.5 190g €4.25
Schwalbe AV14A 1.5-2.1 95g €7.25

The first letter in the codes stand for the type of valve. The bigger range should mean these innertires are easier to stretch. The first one is for downhill riding and should fit even the really thick guys here. The last one is an ultralight innertire which doesn’t seem to have a really good range, but I thought it would be interesting enough to add.

I will order the AV13D and one of the equally ranged V13’s and report back.

Thanks Piet,

I’ll be back with the note pad if HTWs don’t work for me.

Have you tried HTWs?


Unfortunately I haven’t seen them anywhere here, from what I’ve read they’re very comfortable and real easy in use.

Piet, back in the day, I used to race mountain bikes and used latex inner tubes for their weight savings over rubber. Looks like they’re a lot harder to find these days. They’re quite a bit more flexible than rubber ones, which would be an advantage for this purpose. Although a bit spendier. This site:…Latex-Tubes.htm has this model

Michelin Aircomp Latex Tubes
Item#: 34031
Option: Presta/MTN 26 x 1.7 - 2.1

for $13.98.

Here’s the propoganda:

Michelin Aircomp Latex Tubes
Professional racers demand maximum performance from every component, even tubes. The natural elasticity of latex actually reduces rolling resistance, and the Aircomp Latex is one of the lightest inner tubes available. As with any high-performance product, latex tubes require regular maintenance; be sure to check your air pressure before every ride.

originally: 6.5" BPEL x 5.0" EG (ms); currently: 9.375" BPEL x 6.75" EG (ms)

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Thanks xenolith, I will look into it. The elasticity of the sleeve is really important to the ease of use.


I was lucky enough to find a 20x 3.0 tube at Wal-Mart. These work great, they are sold as “West Coast Choppers Fat Tire Tube”. I tried to do a search for an online source but had no luck. They are used for the kids bikes that have oversized tires.

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Mr. Nine, that’s pretty cool what you have there. There’s no way they can be available here but for the ones with Wal-Mart access could you measure the width of those tubes?

I bought the Schwalbe SV13 1.5-2.5 from above for 5€ at a store. It turned out to have 4 lines running over the entire length on the outside and some text. The Anello I already had was almost completely smooth. I pumped up the tire first and reached girths of 8-12” :D However after cutting out a piece it wasn’t as stretchy as the Anello :(

The two stores I visited today didn’t have latex innerrubbers so I guess I’ll try the downhill tire next.

I’ve tried this, as discussed with Piet in an earlier thread. My girth is over 6” and the tubes I’ve tried are all labelled 1.5-2.0 or 1.5-2.5. These are just too tight and the flexibility is not as great as I expected. I have resorted to cutting the tube to be (mostly) flat and wrapping it around my unit. It works well in this regard, but I am still hoping to find a larger diameter or more flexible tube. So far, I’ve stuck with asking the guys at the bike shop for their discarded tubes, and I haven’t been so lucky with the selection this has yeilded.

They are great for many things other than wraps. I’ve made all my pumping equipment and vacuum hanger with the presta valves, as well as the seal for my vacuum hanger.

Originally Posted by Piet
Mr. Nine, that’s pretty cool what you have there. There’s no way they can be available here but for the ones with Wal-Mart access could you measure the width of those tubes?

Sorry so late getting back with a reply. The width of this tube is 2 3/4 inches. I don’t know where they come up with 3, but is a lot wider than those I’m used to seeing. I hope someone gives these a try, I’m sure they will help.

Compared to the SV13 1.5-2.5 I bought last week my old one was pretty good after all.

Thanks for the info Mr. Nine. That tube would be too big for my flaccid dick.

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