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Most Undetectable Hanger?

Most Undetectable Hanger?

I want to start hanging, but for now I’m not sharing this with my SO. I’ll be hanging at night while everyone is in bed.

The hanger I buy needs to be quiet so my SO doesn’t come running. It needs to be compact so I can hide it someplace safe. I need to be able to remove it quickly in case someone knocks on the door.

Which (effective) hanger is going to be the most discrete? Cost is a non-factor here.

7.75 BPEL, 5 in. Mid-shaft, 5.5 in. Base


8.25 BPSFL

A undetectable hanger? I’m thinking the redi-stretcher might work for you… (made by a member here at Thunder’s). Also maybe look into monkeybar’s products at for a stealth hanger and/or stretcher/extender.

I would normally suggest the BIB ( for hanger use to most people but I don’t think the BIB would come off quick enough for what you are thinking. The Wench hanger (you can get the needed materials here -> is cheap and easy to build but uses a cable clamp/cuff and that makes a clicking noise when taking it off, so that would be a little suspicious I would think.

Good luck.

All hangers are pretty quiet and stealthy, MoPipe.

Jelq my boy, jelq like the wind.

Originally Posted by Klayton
All hangers are pretty quiet and stealthy, MoPipe.

I don’t know Klayton, the Wench clicking sound can be pretty loud at times. The BIB can be a pain to take off quickly as well I imagine. That was part of my logic from my post above. I guess I wasn’t clear enough…

How about a chickenchoker? I am also new to hanging, but did make one and find it quick to put on and take off.

I have Monkeybars vacuum hanger and am very pleased. It is a very simple design and after a small learning curve it is a cinch. It seems like it is the smallest one out there (depending on the size of glans). I’m currently hanging 180 min. Total/ day no prob. I’m not endorsing anything, just telling you what I have and that I am happy w/ it. (I cut the sleeves in half to make them last longer and put more stress on the tunica).

Pesoldier, just curious how much weight you are using if you do it for so much time per day. At that amount of time, I would imagine you’d have to keep things light in order to avoid blisters. That’s the problem I’m through with Vac hanging myself.

As far as original post, I would say the Vac-Hanger has got to be the stealthiest because it is silent and all you have to do to disengage and slip it off is lift up a little piece of silicone and release vacuum, then it slides right off.

Vkn1, I hang 5lbs. 30min/3 sets am, then repeat pm. I went through about two months on and off ADS and I feel this conditioned the kak against blisters. When I did ads I blistered 2 times. I like hanging much better.

I hope American social taboos keep PE the underground movement that it should be.- pesoldier

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