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Most Effective Weight to Hang; Clarifying Bib's History


Most Effective Hanging Weight; Clarifying Bib's History

Redwood PI at your service. :D

Now that Ramrod is here we will definitely end up in the crapper, damn and I felt so good that I’ve never been in there yet.

Ok let’s see if I can save us….

Noose type hangers are bad, mmmkay.
Jelqing 100% erect is bad, mmmkay….

Hanging 45lbs, holy fucking shit! Bib was hardcore!

:flame: "If you build it, they will cum."

Redwood\'s Progress Report/Routines Thread.

I am wondering what he said he tested the hanger at now. I know he posted it someplce or told me in a PM. I was sure it was 45 pounds to test the hanger, but I obviously was wrong. Maybe he ran the thing up to 65 pounds or something.

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65 is ringing a bell.

>>Damn, I stand corrected, Thanks stevie.

I should have said it in my post, but I didn’t link that thread to correct you T. Actually what I got from Bigger’s post is that he made the majority of his gains at moderate weight (17 to 20 lbs), and only used 45 lbs “at the end”. Who knows how long that was, could have only been a week. He mentioned his gains were “tougher and slower” at the higher weights. That’s why I don’t give much merit to needing excessive amounts of weight when hanging in order to gain. People get caught up on the fact the he hung 45 lbs and think that’s where his gains came from, but they didn’t, he gained using 17-20 lbs.

That standard has held true for me through my personal experience in hanging also. I’ve been at 15 lbs for a long time now and have continued to gain (1.5” so far). Although, recently it’s been taking a lot longer to reach fatigue so I’m thinking about moving up to 20 lbs. I have a benchmark set that will determine it that I haven’t reached yet.

That sounds like something Wadzilla would do.

This one sentence from the man himself is what I believe and have modeled my hanging regimen after:

Originally Posted by Bigger
I made most of my gains, hanging between 17.5 and 20 lbs. I stayed in that range for a long time.

Yeah, hanging has been going real good for me T, it has become 2nd nature.

Cap, I know you’ve gained a considerable amount from hanging. What has your progression in regards to weight been? What have you found to be the most effective?

Stevie - we meet again! Last I saw you it seemed you were in the Crapper.

Cap, I know you’ve gained a considerable amount from hanging. What has your progression in regards to weight been? What have you found to be the most effective?

You and I have been at this for roughly the same amount of time, and it seems that you, like me, topped out at a max weight - at least for the better part of our time hanging. That’s what struck me about your post - I related to it in a strong way.

Somehow, through a combination of strategic breaks, and what must be some sort of personal physiological characteristic, I have hovered in the 12.5 max weight range and been able to pull out gains. That weight, for whatever reason, has been my number - and like you, I have long anticipated a time when I will need to move higher, but the need hasn’t come - yet.
I don’t know if it ever will, because I’ve grown very fond of strategic deconditioning breaks and always come back to roughly the same max weight.

This is great, in that it has allowed me to keep my weight relatively low, and I like that - but there is a compromise in taking these breaks: The actual amount of time spent hanging, when totaled, is far less than the time span itself represents. In essence: I have been hanging for 12 months, therefore I have been hanging for 8 months. (:

With respect to clarifying Bigger’s history as it relates to max weight - I know that Bigger never took such deconditioning breaks, and I wonder if this is what accounts for his considerable climb up to such amazing numbers.

Have you attempted hanging in the 20lbs range? If so, what happens?

Originally Posted by Redwood1981

Noose type hangers are bad, mmmkay.
Jelqing 100% erect is bad, mmmkay….


While noose hangers are bad Bigger did use them in the beginning and did get most of his great gains he also had cases of temporary nerve damage that went away. I think with the noose hangers bigger was able to stretch both his ligs and tunica that’s why I have switched from the Bib to the wench. The wench is smaller and I get a much better tunica stretch. I might even make a smaller thinner one which I don’t recommend to anyone because it’s stupid and dangerous but I ride a motorcycle on the LIE in rush hour so I’m not quite right.

100% jelqing is dangerous for newbies because of the pressure it causes you need to improve the plumbing first or you could blow a vein.

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