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Most Effective Weight to Hang; Clarifying Bib's History

Originally Posted by Captnhook
With respect to clarifying Bigger’s history as it relates to max weight - I know that Bigger never took such deconditioning breaks, and I wonder if this is what accounts for his considerable climb up to such amazing numbers.

I’m sure it did. Here he said his weight tolerance reduced rapidly after he stopped hanging heavy. I wish he would have hung seriously again after taking time off. Since he was about as conditioned as conditioned can be, it would have been interesting to see whether and for how long he would have gained again using lighter weights.

Did Bib ever get injuries or bruising when using such heavy weights? Or if one adds weight slow enough can bruising be avoided?

Dino, didn’t you get bruising from just 15lbs?

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I’m pretty sure in an old thread somewhere I read that bigger used a noose hanger for a while but it was properly on the peforum and Big Al erased all the old threads. Don’t get me wrong I won’t use a noose hanger I just don’t want history rewritten even for safety. When I have some more time I will search for it.

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Originally Posted by Redwood1981
Did Bib ever get injuries or bruising when using such heavy weights? Or if one adds weight slow enough can bruising be avoided?

Dino, didn’t you get bruising from just 15lbs?

I was up to about 20-25 the worse came when I started over the shoulder

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In the thread I linked to, Bigger said that he started out with a loop type hanger. Not trying to rewrite Bigger’s history, just quoting him. :)

Originally Posted by Bigger
I started in June ‘98 by hanging under the guidance of the old Tom Hubbard site, and the original PEforums. Seems like forever. I started with a loop type hanger, but quickly realized that was dangerous. Then I began making better and more complicated hangers.

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According to this poll that beenthere started, it’s split about dead even between the guys who have had the most success hanging with moderate weight and max weight. Problem is, the poll doesn’t specify incremental values for the available categories. One guy’s moderate weight might be anothers max weight.

What would be interesting is to see a poll ranking different weight categories in regard to total time spent at that weight, and the gains seen from it. From my own experience, and a lot of what I’ve read here of others’ experiences, I would venture to say there isn’t a significant advantage of hanging more weight.

Cap, I can attest to the value of deconditioning breaks because they have been a part of my hanging history as well. Except in my case, they haven’t always been strategic, more like life intervening and forcing me to take a break. Over the last year and half that I’ve been hanging, I’ve had maybe 4 or 5 of these breaks, which usually only lasted a week at a time. One thing I did note is that I reached fatigue much faster each time I started back after one of these breaks. It usually took a few days before I was back to my regular fatigue point. Unfortunately, I didn’t measure enough to know specifically how this affected my gains, but I’m positive - as in your case - it assisted in maintaining my ability to reach fatigue at moderate weight, and still gain.

Another advantage I like about deconditioning breaks and maintaining moderate weight is how it has kept my skin stretch in check. Like I’ve said many times before, the aesthetic affects of hanging is almost as important as my actual gains. I do not want a huge bone-pressed dick that has base skin drooping halfway down my shaft. I know some skin stretch is necessary in order to give the internal elements of your penis something to grow into, and I really think hanging at moderate weight gives you more control of where that skin comes from - the shaft, opposed to “borrowing” it from the base skin. Reason being, we can’t attach any hanger tight enough to avoid excessive (base) skin stretch when hanging lots of weight.

>>Have you attempted hanging in the 20lbs range? If so, what happens?<<

Yeah, I tried it a few times but couldn’t achieve the same comfort level. There was too much pressure being applied to my glans, and I felt more tug on the base skin than I’m ready for. Right now I have to hang 3 twenty minute sets at 15 lbs before I feel fatigue. Most days (if I have the time) I’m able to get in a few more sets at 15 lbs after fatigue sets in. That’s when I really feel my ligs being pulled and think most of the stretching is taking place. I currently have the time to hang these extra sets required to reach fatigue, so it’s not a problem. What I’m worried about however is that the fatigue - even on my 4th or 5th set - isn’t as intense as it was a few months ago. That’s why I’m seriously considering moving up in weight to 20 lbs.

As long as my dick keeps climbing the inches on my ruler, I’m going to stay at 15 lbs and do as many sets as it takes. Once I measure for two months with no visible gains, that’s when I’m going to make the leap to 20 lbs.

Dino, don’t worry, I’m a stickler for history, and I’m definitely not trying to re-write it. What I’m actually attempting to do here is clarify it. I keep seeing guys reference the fact that bigger made his gains at 45 lbs, and attempting to model their own hanging routines as such, which will likely result in injury if they do it too fast. I’m just trying to point out that Bigger himself said he made most of his gains at moderate weight (17 - 25 lbs.)

How about you Dino (and everyone else reading this), what has your weight progression been like? At what weight have you seen the most efficient gaining?

Does anyone have any suggestions for categories for the poll?

Cap, can you describe your strategic PE breaks, how long were they? And after how long a time period hanging, did you take them each time?

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Redwood\'s Progress Report/Routines Thread.


I guess I made most hanging gains pretty light maybe 12-15 pounds. It’s hard to say I hang with a sneaker or work boot full of change so I just add pocket change every day so it just slowly goes up. When I stopped hanging for the summer I cashed in my change and it was about 88 dollars in change.

Red I will let you know how the break thing worked for me I will measure in about a week or two.

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

Stevie, I’m with you on limiting skin stretch. Bib has so much excess skin that it doubles over his glans forming a foreskin when flaccid…..ugh!

Cool Dino, so moderate weight is where you experienced most of your hanging gains as well. I really need to get that poll together to see how many more guys have had this same type of history.

bud_do, have you found anything in particular to help in limiting your skin stretch? How much weight are you hanging and what kind of gains have you seen from it? In reference to limiting (and controlling) skin stretch, check out this thread where Cap and I had a discussion about the multi-clamp and using it as a method to control skin stretch. Cap recommended a solution using this device that just might work. Unfortunately, I haven’t had the time/energy myself to test the theory yet, but I definitely will once I move up to 20 lbs. Maybe you might want to give it a try.

Stevie, 13.5- 17.5 lbs. here, I have hung high weight when I was limited severely on time. I really think the goal should be(as far as weight goes) to use the lowest amount possible while experiencing soreness, but I also know that some guys don’t have the time to make this happen. I was fortunate to hang 3-5 hours a day to accomplish this, I recall 10 lbs. feeling like a thousand, which was absolutely marvelous. I am also one of the lucky assholes that can hang at work under most circumstances. I would like to see your poll go up, I’m sure we would see that there is no need in “weight lifting”.


Stevie, I hung 22# at the hanger, which is entirely different than 22# over the leg or shoulder where much of the weight is used in friction. Used Bib Original which has 2.5” grip versus 1.5” grip for the Starter, thus gripping the tunica better. Hung down, out and up about equal amounts 100min/day/6 days/wk for 4 months; took off 4 months and then hung 4 more months. Gained 2”. Have quit hanging and work on girth using clamps. I always attached the hanger within half inch of the glans…..NEVER toward the base and seldom BTC which are both skin stretchers. I never varied the weight after the first two months while getting up to 22#.


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