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Hey Jon Smith

Welcome to the forum. I definitely agree with bearded dragon, you can absolutely gain with hanging. If you are mainly looking for length gains, then hanging will get you there. I gained about an inch in 6 months with the Bib starter. I took a couple years off but recently purchased the vachanger3. I have been hanging with it for about 3 weeks now and have gained about a 16th of an inch. It sounds like you are concerned about time, and I will say that vacuum hanging does save you time. It is more comfortable than compression hanging, the setup time is faster and you can hang for longer periods of time. I can easily get 2 hours of hang time in 2 hours and 15 minutes. Compression hanging would easily require 3 hours respectively (longer setup times and more frequent breaks)

How do you prevent blisters from the Vachanger? Do you use a protection cap and/or wrapping your glans in a special way?

Starting stats

2018-01: BPEL: 17 cm MSEG: 12 cm