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More proof that long periods of hanging may be beneficial?

Originally Posted by d123random
Thanks much for the replies..
I have been wearing the d-ring with ease.. So I didn’t really have any motivation to try anything else.. The only thing would be if people thought the 1/2 was so insignificant that it wouldn’t make any difference at all.

I have a thick o-ring that fits over my glans that prevents the d-ring from sliding off just for a back up.. My penis can swing freely move and all as I walk and doesn’t get hung up. Its pretty fun to walk around with and feel the tug.

I also vac pump.. I’ve done that for years just for the hell of it, nothing really consistent though. Maybe between the two I will see some gains.

Hello, I’ve never tried hanging, but I’m interested in giving it a try. What product would you suggest for a newbie?

I’m wondering if there is merit to approaching hanging in a way that the tissues stay fatigued at a level that increasing wieght is undoable for weeks at a time.

Obviously it would take hours a day everyday to maintain that level of fatigue

That would be considered poor technique, and would be harmful and detrimental to gains. You would never proceed in this fashion with weight resistance exercise; and although, the physiology is different, the course of viable and disciplined approach are similar.


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