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Modified AFB Hanger

Modified AFB Hanger

I thought this might be a little less time consuming the making all those ties.

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You could also cut the length downto suit your own individual hanging needs. I find that having 2 protruding tubes or sticks hanging between your legs can be awkward.

Have you tried it? It won’t work without a rear hinge.

I experimented with AFB variations for awhile. My best was made with strips of wood wide enough to cover about 1 1/2” of shaft, with 2 zip ties in the rear adjusted to give a slight toe out, kind of like the rulers shown here. The weight attachment string was looped the same as your and Tom’s illustrations.

Thanks for the reply Hobby. Yes, I have tried it. Did’nt think of the hinge idea though. I think I like yours better. My inventive spirit has been ignited through this site!

Hmm now I think of it I may have a little flaw in my design. I made mine with pvc material but used all holes on the open side for the string with beans and attached the weightstring to the beanstring.

With the original design I had to apply so much force with the beanstring to prevent slipping my dick turned as flat as a pancake which really hurt. To fix this I placed a rolled up sock at the open side between my dick and the beanstring.

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