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mixing things up

mixing things up


Coming up on my 2nd complete year of PE’ing I’ve become somewhat motivated to change my hanging work around some. For the most part my hanging has been steady for aproximately 1.5 hours aday in one session usually in the morning before work. My primary hanging postion has been BTC. Of course like any self rightous PE’er I’m grapping my dick all day long adding a pull here and a stretch there.

Starting a couple of weeks ago I switched things up.

Here’s my latest hanging program.

Following a warming up I’ll hang straight down for part of one set and gradually settle into a BTC postion.

However what I’m doing differently is after aprox. 10 minutes in the BTC postion, I’ll switch to a straight out hang for 5-10 minutes or so, followed my an over the leg hang, first to the right then to the left.

The entire set may last up to 30-40 minutes however this also depends on my level of fatigue and other variables such as wrap efficieny,and hanger placement to name a few. Follow this with some jelqing to get the circulation going again. Subsequently I’ll take a break and repeat the routine. one or two more times depending on my schedule.

For now I’m trying to add another session(s) either at lunch time and or evening as time allows.

Finally I’ve decide to give the ADS another go . My intial attempts missed the mark due to my laziness and lack of effort. For now I shored up my enlarger strap model and have been making an effort to wear it at least one hour after each morning hanging session.

The point I’m trying to make is that I needed to make some adjustments if I wanted to continue to grow my dick. Because I was hanging almost exclusively BTC I was needing alot of weight and time to stress these particular ligs; probably the central portion of the lig fan. IMO by changing up the postions and going over the leg(s) and straight out I’m now hitting ligs that up to this point have been laughing at the central ligs. Another thing to consider is that the straight out hang is stressing the tunica more than the ligs and adds to the growth equation.

Also using the ADS has to be a good thing. BTW if any of you guys haven’t seen lil12big1’s ADS turtorial take the time to check it out; great stuff.

Hope this is helpful,

Hey Zep,

Sounds like a good approach to me. Let us know how you’re doing (i.e. - soreness, new growth, etc.). Also, whatever you do, don’t do any type of ADS at night while sleeping.

Good luck


ps. Since I am on the sideline again, all I can do is root for you guys!

Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

LZ - how are you doing your straight out hang? Face down on a bed and legs over a chair or something?

straight out hanging


I’m sitting in a chair and I place a small paperback book under the hanger skids right at the edge of the chair. It’s very comfortable and I hardly feel the stretch unless I touch my penis with my hand.

IMO this postion puts most of the stress on the length of the penis with the secondary stress going to the ligs. Give it a try and let me know what you think.


How much weight do you hang straight out? This is the most taxing position for me. I started out doing BTC exclusively, so that is easy for me. But, straight out is a mutha.



Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

straight weight


I’m tinkering with 20+, however the fatigue factor kicks in quicker than BTC. I would think you should be able to handle more weight straight out than BTC.

However I want to again stress it may not be ALL about the weight but rather the “feel” and the total program.

For whatever reason the bib starter seems to work pretty good for straight out hanging. The only problem I have is my girth is to big and rubs into the top bolt on the hanger.

Phat 9 and DLD are making a pretty compelling discussion for the use of a total program including the potential positive co-mingling effect that hard jelqing and squeezes might have on hanging and stretching.

J, how are you feeling now any better?


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