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Mixing angles

Mixing angles

I have just started hanging, over the last couple of weeks. I have quite a high LOT (9.30-10.00) so I am hanging SO and SD. I have been hanging for 4 x 15 minute sets with 2kg (I’d tried 3kg, but that was too much for the moment) with a DIY modified wrench. I rest for 10 minutes between each set.

At the moment I am alternating sets SO and SD, doing 2 of each a day. Now my question is: is this the best way to do it? Am I better off doing two consecutive SO sets then two SD sets? Or 4 SD sets one day and 4 SO sets the next day? Focusing on one angle for a week, then changing?

Does anyone have any ideas on the subject?



I would have thought that it would be best to attack one angle at a time and so exhaust all possible gains from that angle before moving on.

The last thing you want to do is to start on one angle, move to another and because you have moved prematurely, rather than get a gain, all you have done is to increase the strength of the ligs/tunica from the brief hanging at the first angle so that when you return to angle 1, you have to hang for longer or with more weight to achieve the same level of fatigue.


Thanks for the advice, I think that in future I will alternate days, that way I can get a good stretch and give it time to heal the next day. I might look at two days SD then a day SO, just to really hit the ligs.


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