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>Well , after 3 weeks of doing things right and ADS, I am 8.5 flaccid stretch,up from 7.75.<

That is really great. Congratulations.


Originally posted by C_Allen_Jones
I really don't know what minimum weight is, I am from Arkansas,give me a break.:)

Minimum weight: Half of your maximum weight. I’ve come to understand that this is a reliable “fatigue-gauge”.
If your maximum weight is 10lbs and you’ve ridden your fatigue down in weight, the lowest you want to go is 5lbs. Hanging anything less can be considered an ADS or a waste of good hanging time. The NEED to hand anything less can be taken as a sign that it’s time to change hanging position or take a day off.
This is just what I’ve gathered through reading and my own experience. It’s not written in stone, but I sensed it was a sort of conventional wisdom. It’s a moot point in your case, I can see.
Also, I did a Google search and found out that they do indeed have minimum weight in Arkansas :D


I love talking to with you Cap’n, so let me blow your fucking mind. Your knowledge and understanding is right, in my opinion. First point, Have you ever thought of this numerical weight as just an extension of your hand?, Have you ever just pulled on the damn hanger without any “weight”? When I hang I simply just free up my hands, hell I like to smoke, drink coffee, surf the internet, or meditate. I haven’t a clue what these weights I use “weigh” in pounds. My “fatigue Gauge” is above my penis and under my penis by the balls, if it is sore and feels like I’ve been hit with a baseball bat(maybe not that sore) then that is fatigue in my world. Lets keep this going, I love getting this shit out in the open.


Let me be frank Jones,

I could never get nearly the same effect manually stretching that I do hanging. Never. The first time I hung I was blown away by the…..authority….that’s the word….of this method. If succesful PE is ultimately mind over matter, hanging is a simply brilliant method of achieving this: Where is your mind when you hang?

I’ll tell you where my mind was when I was manually stretching. It was in worry mode, counting mode, oh my fucking hand is tired mode.

Nah…hanging is freedom.

Now my mind is saying “You grow baby, while I make some money. You stretch out and relax while I re-read Mr. Bib’s History. You spend some time with Mr. Gravity while I talk with Mr. Jones!”

Jones -

No, I really don’t have any fatigue at all after sessions. No soreness to the touch or by pushing/pulling/poking around, either. Which seems amazing given the amount of weight I do, and also that the last 3 weeks I’ve been doing minimum of 11 hours hanging per week.

What I think my dick is telling me is that I need to either find the right angle, or greatly increase weight and/or time. What I’m hearing from down there is: “Guy, you really haven’t found the right approach yet…”

Jones, I like the way you describe your own approach - more intuitional and listening to the body, following the hanging where the dick seems to be saying to go. I’m going to try to use some of these ideas more in my own training. Hope it proves successful.


I don’t know if this will mean anything- you may already do this: I found fatigue (deep soreness post hanging) really became pronounced once I started applying my hot rice sock to my ligs and shaft for at least the first 5 mins of every set. I can’t speak to the science of it, but my guess is that this puts the ligs into an more slackened state assuring that the rest of the set is spent at maximum stretch.
I dont, by the way, apply heat after hanging.


Cap’n, my mind is looking for some more household shit to apply to my wienie next time.

9 soon, if that LOT you have is right, then you can still push your ligs a little. Take Cap’s advice and try the heat while you hang, or hang right after a shower and see if that helps a little bit. If this doesn’t help, you might try some more stress(weight),keep playing with he angles, don’t be shy about playing around and seeing what happens. Let us know what you find.


Cap’n -

Thanks for the suggestion - I’ll try it tonite. I’ve used a heating pad frequently while hanging, but have not tried moist heat.

Jones -

My lot is right around 7:30 … Yep, I’m going to really explore different angles and also weight/time. I’m beginning to realized that hanging is a real art, and that at least for me there’s quite a learning curve to finding what works. I’ll keep you posted, and thanks for the insights.

C_Allen_Jones- Any more details on the ADS night disaster?

The "average size" is usually over-estimated. Small guys don't take part in surveys and big guys jump at the chance.

Girl claims she had a huge ex? Stick a spider in the bathroom or a mouse in the kitchen and when she comes out screaming ask her how big the spider/mouse was...

Are you thinking about trying this? If your just curious, then that is fine too. Details are that I wrapped my wiener,stretched it out with ace wrap, went to sleep hoping for larger dick in a few days, woke up out of sleep(I sleep hard), above the “noose” was dark purple,numb,no feelings, was up the rest of night giving “CPR”,the next day I finally received an erection, I was relieved, then it went numb again, scared the hell out of me. The numbness lasted days, brought on by a simple erection. Let me say this, I am NOT against an ADS,this will enhance efforts if done correctly. I am AGAINST trying this while you are not alert, aware(aka asleep). Please don’t let me terrify you into not trying an ADS,but you need to know when shit is going wrong and for your sake, do something about it(take it off).



Very good thread you started here! Wanted to add a few words and my experience with PE/ hanging. I’ll try to keep it brief as I tend to get long and boring with my post. Anyway, I found a PE course back in 1997 from doing a search. It cost $10 but was both good and bad. Homemade noose type hanger to construct, but It did have info on jelqing, using a ADS (which I still use today) hot wraps etc. Man, I was hooked!

In short, been at this PE bussiness for quite some time now. Have I gotten the results Bigger has…No! Why, simply put lack of education.
I have seen a longer flaccid hang while using the Grip (in the past) but it’s been an off and on type of thing thru the years.

My best results came form hanging in the 7- 8 lb range for straight 20- 30 min sets. I’ve always used heat while hanging. Using a hot/cold pack heated in the microwave @ 1 min 10 sec to heat up the ligs and tissue. Hot wraps are very important as well, we all know why. My uneducated method of hanging consisted of hanging at 3 different angles during a set. SO, BTC, and OTS. Hell, I figured I’d hit’em all, somethings bound to happen…right? Wrong!

So why have no real gains happened for me in the past you ask? By doing the same dumb things over and over again…I think. The Grip was limited in it’s weight capacity that’s the biggy. Not knowing which angles to target was another. It sure hasn’t been from a lack of trying, that’s for damn sure.

So, here I am in 2003 still trying. Hanging, jelking, using my ADS 6- 8 hrs p/d. But now I have the Bib hanger and much more knowledge to boot. Trying to get gains. It’s been a roller coaster ride in the past for me at best.

I’m kinda like Nos is right now using the Bib. It’s a great tool no doubt, but battling hanger position, cool dark head etc. The Bib’s still very new though. I swear I don’t know how you guys hang 10, 15, 20 lbs! I need to move above 5 lbs which I’m currently hanging to get gains, I know that. But need to master the Bib first. I’ve had years to adapt to the Grip, just need time to adapt to the Bib…yes?

Jones, you seem willing to help out anyone having trouble. Any advice on hanger placement/ technique would be much apreciated.

Shit, and I said this would be brief. Oh well, sorry about that.



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For right now, you need to be trying a bunch of different wrapping styles and hanger adjustments. Don’t even worry about hanging for gains, or getting a good workout.

You should know basic physiology, and why certain things happen, and be able to adjust for any problems. But the biggest thing is finding what the hanger can do, and what wraps work best for you.

If you need anything, just ask.


Hello Bib, and thanks for offering your help. Always appreciated.

Yes, you’re right about the wrapping and taking the time out for making adjustments. I might have sounded somewhat frustrated in my last post… didn’t mean to If I did.

Ok, I want go for gains and just consider this an adjustment period. I’m gonna take tomorrow off as I’ve been hanging for 5 days straight. Will be a good chance to try some different things with the hanger.

I won’t get into what is happening, I’ll try and work it out. Everyone’s different.

Thanks again,


Originally posted by C_Allen_Jones
Are you thinking about trying this?

I had been thinking of it, but have been scared by possible problems and wanted more good reasons not to, which you gave! I thought wrapping would have been about the only safe way to go. I slept a week ago with a cock ring on, I woke up from actually doing very strong kegels in my sleep. It took a good 15 minutes for it to subside, throbbing and twitching with veins like never before. If only I could employ some nice looking blonde to keep an eye on me while sleeping jelqing me all night long!

I am just in my 3rd month now and am plannning on doing just a sort of uli workout this month with slight erect bends, no stretching, just to see if I do get length too. My plan is to keep an erection for about an hour 2 or 3 times a day with a cock ring on and doing slight bends in this state. I can get up to 6.25” EG with a ring on and am now normally at 5.5” without a ring. I am up from 5.125” 2 months ago. I love the look and feel of girth far more than length so I dont mind if it hinders future length gains. After wearing a cock ring for an hour it feels incredibly beefy for the rest of the day.

Anyone having troubles with the wrap or attachment points would benefit by not worrying with adding weight as Bigger has suggested. Play with the wrap and positions, when it seems right, pull on the hanger with all of your arm strength. Pulling on the hanger with your arms will mimic weight, when it is comfortable to pull with your arms, then add weight, this will not be a one day process.



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