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Minimizing vac-hanger head swelling

Minimizing vac-hanger head swelling

Just got the Auto-extender vac-hanger to use as a light weight hanger/ads device.

The problem is the fluid buildup I get even using the constriction sleeve and applying it as directed in the video. This is severely limiting how much or often I use this. Even hanging a 1.5 pound weight for 1 hour, I get a nasty fluid build-up. The majority goes away after a few minutes, but there’s still a slight swelling at the tip which can persist for 1 to 2 hours.

Am afraid to go further with this, as I definitely don’t want to injure myself.

Any experienced vac-hangers have any tips. Does this situation eventually get better with time ?

Do a search about, it’s a common issue. It mainly depends on the fact that you are using too much tension x too much time.

I don’t understand why the head swelling is bad. Aren’t there guys out their that pump their penis to purposely get this swelling affect? I have even seen some that have a special attachment that pumps the head only. If there aren’t any negative side effects then isn’t this a side benefit for all those that use a vacuum hanger?

I have been hanging btc with my vac extender head for a month and a half now. Im up to 6 lbs and have gained almost a half inch with it by stricly hanging that way in a short amount of time. iI had that problem too. try fluffing up your head to expand in the vac head, then roll down the sleeve. It helped me with that problem, also dont hang past 20 minutes. limit it to that time and it will minimize the damage. Also use heat and massage the glans after every 20 minute set. I split my sets up into 3 morning sessions and 3 at night. Use as little weight as possible only to feel the fatigue. Hope this helps.

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