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methods of hanging SO

methods of hanging SO

How many of you hangers that hang SO or have hung SO or know of other members who have hung SO, do so by laying parrallel to the floor and hanging straight down. Or do most people hang SO with a pulley or hook of some sort while sitting in a chair?

Reason I’m asking is because I lay parrallel to the floor on top of bed and dresser, just trying to find out if this is a weird way or not. Thinking maybe this is why I’m not getting any results other than fatigue.

I was doing it by laying somewhat reclined in a chair, then having the rope with the weights slung over the seat of a chair in front of me. I might have lost some of the effective weight due to friction on the seat cushion, but it seemed to work very well.

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I hang SO with bungee cords anchored across the table from me and I stand straight up. If you hang weights from the bungee cord and measure the stretch then you have variable weights as well as angles.

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Pretty much a fulcrum hang but just raise up the chair your sitting in or adjust it to where it’s SO

The way you do it is probably the best way. Using a pulley set-up, or simply throwing a rope over a pipe across your lap, could result in fluctuations of stress caused by the sliding of your hips in the chair. Whereas, your method is providing a consistent stress in the SO position.

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Does SO target both the ligs and the tunica?

This might be better for me to try because of the discoloration I was having with OTS hanging.

One of the things that make this method difficult is that I guess you are working against gravity more this way. Sometimes it begins to hurt around the glans, it can be very irritating to have to stop and rewrap and start again. This is definitely the reason I never hang as many sets as I intend to, when I start out every day.

It gets things very fatigued but I see no results at all, not even stretched flacid length and this gets me very frustrated. I can’t see how this could get me so fatigued for a decent while now and not even see 1/16 in. in at least FSL.

I’m going to stop warming up, with heat first just go at it cold turkey. Hopefully this will change something, maybe cause more breakage since the unit won’t give as much as when it is warm.

I have read the fulcrum hanging is very effective (jelktoid .3 inch gains in three weeks) in stretching the tunica.

Is fulcrum hanging (mainly SO or a little higher) better than Over The Shoulder for hitting the tunica?


Would you create a downwards curve if you did fulcrum hanging? Also do you change the positions of where you fulcrum hang like in the V stretch?

I am working the tunica right now..

When I stretch to the sides/ when hanging straight out I feel the stress mostly in the base of the shaft opposite the side I’m stretching more so than in the mid-shift itself.

Is this how it is supposed to feel or am I hitting the ligs instead?

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