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Mechanical question about the BIB hanger

Mechanical question about the BIB hanger

I would post this on the BIB site, but it doesn’t look like there are many people over there. Anyway, I want to replace the tightener (the single bolt) with a longer bolt to make things easier. However there’s a white bud type thing on the end of the bolt, and I can’t get it to come off so I can remove the bolt. It’s hollow, and it looks like there’s some glue on the inside that’s keeping it from budging. Any recommendation on how to get this thing off? Thanks.

I don’t see what I need a new thread cap for, really.

I actually had a probelm with mine getting stripped alot. I dis-assembled the screw/bolt part(with much effort), took it to the store, and got the closest I could to it. I used superglue to keep the bolt in the hole. Now it works better than it did when I first got it. I have used it for 3 months without problem!

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