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Meausring your willie question . . .

Meausring your willie question . . .

Why do most of you seem to measure bone pressed? Isn’t it more important what you see than what’s hidden under the fat pad? I know my fat pad is 1/2” thick. So I just add it if I want to think of it that way.

Later . . LS

Differences in posture, weight gain etc can mask gains if nbpel is the only parameter followed.

an example why:

Lets say I PE and Measure both nbpel and bpel.

A year later I gained 1” in bpel but nothing in nbp.

How is this possible? If I gained 35-40# my fat pad will be 1” thicker therefore hiding gains made due to pe.

But whats the difference you can’t see it any way (you ask)?

Well, you may not see it but you may be able to use it - or most of it any way.

Lets say I have an 8” long dick nbpel and 8.5 bpel. If I gained 40# now my nbpel is 7” but my bpel is still 8.5.

I have estimated that 1/2 of the depth of the fat pad is usable. So before the weight gain I could maximally use 8.25” and now after the weight gain I can use 7.75 even though only 7.0 is visible. The pubic fat pad is very collapsable and would not stop insertion of some of the hidden shaft.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

/// Isn’t it more important what you see than what’s hidden under the fat pad?

I made this mistake. Trust me start measuring bp. The point of measuring bp is to help you measure exactly the same every time. Not to measure what is under the fat pad. It cuts out the variables by giving you a solid reference point ( the pubic bone). This way you are almost guaranteed to get the most accurate measurement every time.
If you just assume your fat pad is 1/2” every time, I believe this adds guess work and causes miss readings. For example withoout a solid refrence point how do you know your placing the ruler in exactlly the same place as last time? 1/16” is very small and could be missed with improper measurements IMO.

edit: Oops I’m too slow. Luvdadus already replied.

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