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Maybe I Was Wrong

Maybe I Was Wrong

I had said I hung for six months with no results. Thinking back, I don’t think I was rock hard in my erection, and maybe I used the wrong ruler. I was using a plastic soft sewing ruler. I measured today, and I may have gained ¼ of an inch or slightly more. I don’t know it I pushed it into my fat pad more firmly or what, and to be honest, I am not sure I pushed it as far back as when I measured before. Today I measured just over seven, and before, 6 3/4. I haven’t done any hanging since and will start again next week. I am also going to pick up a wooden ruler for measuring so there is no question. So, I will check again in three months.

I do belive that you can gain from PE as I have gained 3/4” girth from clamping. So,I will press on!

You’re really not supposed to take extended breaks from hanging because the tissues toughen up if you allow them to completely heal.

Read about Bib, he was hanging every day. Part of the philosophy was he wanted to pull out the crimps in his ligs each day/ keep new tissue deformation coming/ keep the micro tears coming so new collagen would constantly build. If he was too fatigued at one angle, he would switch angles and let things heal just enough until he could go again at the original focus angle.

I would be curious to know a few things:
1-which hanger are you using (or if it’s homemade, which design)
2-are you reaching fatigue within your first few sets
3-how many hours per week are you hanging
4-are you taking rest days, and how many

You should definitely get a stiff ruler for measuring; like you said yourself, you might be discouraged even though you are in fact making good gains.

1/4” over 6 months is pretty unacceptable for hanging though. Something is clearly wrong. If you want, I can show you many examples, where hangers consistently gain more than that, even very conditioned ones, with tough ligs.


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