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Marinera's Hanger.

Hello everybody, my first post.
I can’t start new threads, so I’ll post my little contribute to PE here.

I made a cap-device hanger that has this main benefits: it don’t cut off circulation, even with big weights : I tried it with 3 kg (6.6 lbs) for 1 hour and had no problems - except the hell-pain under the glans; it is very easy to made, and very cheap also.

This hanger is made of a plastic tablet, rectangular shaped, 6 cm x 20 cm with two holes in the centre : in the first hole I insert a string for cap, place my penis on the tablet and then grip the penis with the string just under the glans; in the second hole another string is knotted, and is used for bringing weight.

I try inserting a pic; if someone is interested in details can PM me.

Sorry for my terrible English and good gains to all of You.

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Hi Marinera, can you describe how do you use to wrap? And what type of material do you use?

Did you warm up, at all?

I don’t use wrap, and don’t warm up. A little session of pumping could “desensitise” the glans a little, and baby-powder reduce the slippage; however, basically you will need a “pre-conditional” training of maybe a month before really starting to work with this device; the skin under the glans become a little thicker and less sensitive after that time.

I’ve tried all sort of hangers, and any kind of stretching: none gave me minimum gain; this may be due to the below-average girth I have (about 6,5, maybe more - I don’t measure it, my priority is length). With this hanger, in about 80 hour of real work I gained 1,5 cm (more than 0.5 inch) in length, and some girth too.

The pain not means that I’m injuring myself; as I said, this noose-style hanger don’t’ cut of circulation; the burning it’s due to the extremely sensitive skin under the glans - I’ m uncut, so that portion of penis hurt when touched, even if is a gentle touching.

I’ll try again posting a pic of this little hanger.

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Ok, marina. How much weight do you use and how long time?

Tss, my English is very bad; if you are saying that the picture is not clear, I agree: I’m not the best artist on the market. I’ll post a photo of it, but just now I can’t.

If you are saying that this thing is dangerous, I agree also: I don’t recommend the use of this hanger with more than 1 lbs at start. Anyway, is not more dangerous than the most of extenders, I think.



I use 2 kg at start (1 kg=2.2 lbs); after about ten minutes I add another 0.5 kg, and so on, up to 3-3.5 kg for 40-60 minutes or more. I feel that real stretching start when at least 2.5 kg are used, and my gain became about a week after I started using more than that weight.

I think if I had a thiner penis this hanger gave me more gains, and sooner.

Originally Posted by ThunderSS
It is as dangerous as any extender that uses a noose attachment mechanism. Build yourself a Captain’s Wench.

Tss, do you used a Captain’s Wench? Gave you gains? How much time/weight it required? Just curious.

Thanks in advance.

I have a Wench: I got my first good EL gains from using it.


Thank for your reply, GM.

You’re welcome, marinera. Don’t kill your penis, try the Wench.


An update on my experience with this hanger.

As I explained elsewhere, I did overwork and experienced contraption and length lossen.
So I rested for some time; now that my penis has near fully recovered, I can say :

1) This hanger work; my EL gains peaked 2+ cm, but I’ve cemented only about 1 cm ‘cause the overwork;

2) it’s use cause an augmenting gap between El and FSL, and between NBPEL and BPEL; this means that ligs are affected more than shaft.
This seem convalidate the belevieng (for what I know, clearly stated for first by ModestoMan) that there is little or not transfer between ligs gains and penis length gains;

3) I didn’t experienced numbness or other symptoms of nerve damage (this proof nothing, of course); contraption and worse EQ started when I did add fulcrum stretch to hanging;

4) this, I think, is linked to n° 2): my penis is becoming thiner near the base; this means an ugly penis for sure, and maybe worsen EQ in the future, if other exercises aren’t used.

5) using this hanger caused me back pain.

So said, I tell anybody to listen the advice of vets, using a kind of hanger estimated safer.

I’m trying to experiment something different, also.

That’s all, folks.


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