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Male hanger vs Zen hanger

Male hanger vs Zen hanger

I’ve been hanging for about 10 weeks and I initially had great results but was quickly discouraged by urinary issues. After receiving a clean bill of health from my urologist, I’m wondering if my choice of hanger is the problem. I’m using Zen hanger and I find it quite uncomfortable with anything over 3lbs. It’s the noose system that’s painful even though I’m using their suggested comfort sleeve.

My question is about other devices. Has anyone had the same experience with Zen, & have you switched to Male hanger? What were your findings? Is a clamping hanger less painful than a noose hanger or do I just have to grin and bear it?

Thanks in advance guys.

I have the zen hanger, used it going on 5 months and love it. So far over .75 inch in length and .5inch in girth gained. That’s along with jelqs. I used this after my pump gains came to a halt. This is the only hanger I’ve ever used. To me it’s very comfortable, but I guess in your case it’s not. Maybe you have on to tight? To rack up even more hours these past 2 months I attached a 2.5lb lock I bought from walmart and attach that for my ADS hanging while at work. I’ll take a 5 to 10 min break every 1 to 2 hours then ayah again and wear on average 6 hours at that light weight. I do my heavy hanging (I only hang 4lbs at the heaviest) 2 sets of 30 mins in the am before work and another 2 sets of 30mins at night usually before bed. Working like a charm. So far I’m only using the zen and of course light jelqs between Sets and in the shower.

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