Make hanger I can use sitting in an arm chair watching tv

I’ve been hanging for a while now and had some decent gains.

Just had a couple of months where I didn’t do much and now getting back into it.

I have an idea for how to hang weights while sitting in an arm chair watching tv, for me it would be a good idea as I know I’d use it regularly if it was convenient.

I’m thinking to secure a metal hook to the ceiling about 3 feet in front of my chair, then just simply tie a string line to my zen weight hanger system, run the string up through the hook on the ceiling and then down to noose thing that came with the hanger system, the one you slip over your penis.

I imagine the angle of pull on my penis will be straight out as in penis at 90 degree angle to my body. May sound like I’m trolling but I’m not.

October 2017 BPEL 5.25 (5 1/4") EG 5.00 (5")

December 2017 BPEL 5.625 (5 5/8") EG 5.125 (5 1/8")