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Lymphocele and Hanging

Lymphocele and Hanging

I developed a lympocele in January 2010 and it popped up again a few months later. Over about the past week it has came back and won’t go away. I have continued hanging, but I think this is preventing it from going away. I have been hanging for 6 weeks. Should I stop hanging until it goes away?

I’m a little worried about the work I put the past 6 weeks being for nothing. Ill try to wear my PEweights or a HTW to keep things extended, but I’m thinking even the weights might prevent the lymphocele from going away. Also I started taking 200mg Ibuprofen twice a day today. Any advice or ideas is appreciated.

It sounds like you’re talking about fluid-buildup under the skin?…ele_t53569.html
“Lymphocele is a collection of lymph that accumulates in pockets or tanks that you see as blisters beneath your skin. Lymph is a drainage liquid, actually it is liquid commonly found in intercellular spaces all around the body. It is drained into the bloodstream by special channels called lymph vessels. Lymphocele appear when drainage of lymph is blocked, in that case lymph accumulates in blisters and stays there until drained in some other way. Penis lymphocele are not dangerous, they are not infectious and they usually disappear on their own. If they appear after having sex or after masturbation you should drain them yourself by applying pressure on the blister. To make them go away permanently you should avoid having sex or masturbating for a couple of weeks. If they still continue to be a problem for you, you should address this matter to your GP or your urologist. Hope that you will solve your problem with success.”

According to that person, you should let it heal. If it’s serious maybe you should see a doctor…


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