LOT situation while hanging...

As I continue to hang (much more effectively) (and with continuing albeit slow gains) I have been increasing the weight I use. I am careful to listen to my penis and not just pile on the weight but if the hang is comfortable and the glans is not overstressed… I will try more weight to see if it is tolerable. Doing this my range is now 7.5 to 15.0 pounds.

Yesterday, while hanging BTC with 15 pounds (comfortably) I found that after about 10 minutes I was able to induce some tug-back. This was SURPRISING as I had never had this effect before. I can only postulate that my ligs stretched enough during the hang to actually allow the tunica to support the weight completely and that allowed tug-back!

As I write this I have 10 pounds SD and cannot induce tug-back. I guess yesterdays session was MORE than usual!