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LOT for BTC Stretch?


Although “old school” I’m not a hanger. I just understand human anatomy and physiology. I seriously doubt looking at skin folds in a mirror or feeling the front of the pubic bone through your fat pad will tell you much, if anything, about where your ligaments attach.

I assume you’ve read this: Remek;Mirror and palpation test

(Yes I read that post, in fact, I couldn’t properly do a palpitation test on myself until I read that thread—I had learned of the test on another forum, but until I saw the X-rays & pics from that thread, I couldn’t find the point where my pubic bone curved down). It’s a very good thread, very much worth linking :)

Warning: wall of text (sorry I’m so long winded!)

I respect your views Westla—and I know you’re quite well informed (I’ve read at least a few of your posts related to anatomy, and found them quite helpful).

Perhaps what makes things quite difficult for newbies like me: we read a lot of contradicting views between people that are both intelligent, well-informed, and have in fact, all made very significant personal PE gains, often using completely different routines, techniques and theories. So my first exposure to PE includes a lot of contradictory ideas. I learned a lot about theory & philosophy in college, so to some extent (although I’m not comfortable with it), I can accept completely contradictory theoretical standpoints as both being correct to an extent. A theory at it’s core is a simplified explanation of a complex phenomena. PE is quite a complex phenomena, and is probably best explained by theory, especially for those like me without extensive anatomical & physiological knowledge.

In college I did not in depth exposure to physiological or anatomical studies, and Pre-PE I was never that interested. Most of what I now know about ligs, tunica, bc, pc, the prostate and penile anatomy is coming from this forum. I find PE a fascinating subject and I want to understand it as best as I can, more than just applying it, perhaps because the lack of full medical documentation has made this a somewhat soft science. The implication is that if I want to make maximize my personal gains, I’ll have to come up with my own philosophy, my own routine, based on my PIs.

I find I’m having to read some things multiple times to put them in the proper context. I’m sure I’ll have a much different view in a few months, once I’ve logged a few hundred hours of research. You’ll find this insane, but I skipped a week of work, to just read threads & study. I’m 33 and I just barely learned about PE. In the past I probably just didn’t search enough— I thought my only choice was to be content with what I had. Since I’ve ‘discovered’ PE for myself, I’ve been on a crash course trying to understand as much as I can—I’m very much afraid of ruining / or minimizing my newbie gains because of ignorance. I’m also quite afraid of getting an injury.

I’ve been slowly increasing my stretch & jelq time, and I’ve been pretty happy so far—only 2 weeks, and I’ve gained .25” length, and .12” girth. I was already convinced PE was real before I had any gains. I’m a pretty good judge of fact vs fiction / truth vs error, and I’ve lived enough to see through something that’s fake. The ability made college (almost a decade ago) quite a breeze for me (to get straight A’s).

Anyhow, I’m convinced hanging is the way to go for me, and I plan on eventually investing several hours a day in it (I realize it may take a long time before my skin, tunica, and ligs can take that kind of stress). For now, I’m doing the newbie routine only.

I did purchase a Bib hanger, and I talked to Bib on his forum. After reading his posts there (thunders is by far the best resource, although Bib has some very useful and unique information for hanging on his forum I have yet to find elsewhere), and here as well, and after picking his brain a bit, I have been able to start to make sense about hanging. I think my problem is that I’m an extremely curious person, and in some ways I always feel compelled to understand every aspect of something before I can completely understand it (I’m stuck in the school of thought that thinks you must understand the whole to understand the parts, vs you must understand the parts to understand the whole).

I identified my LOT as 9. My mirror test/ palpitation test confirm this visually. I’m probably going to emphasize BTC hanging to start out, since I appear to have significant potential gains based on the LOT theory. I’ll slowly work into SO, OS, and various angles if I feel like I’m plateauing or if I find I’m getting too much fatigue from any particular angle.

I have seen some support for the LOT theory in my own experience. In college athletics I saw hundreds, maybe thousands of penises. I have observed that my penis seemed to exit my body at a much higher angle and position than most others, and I did observe that many (although not all) of those that were extremely ‘well hung’ seemed to have shaft exit points at much lower angles than the average person. Their penis literally appeared to exit from a lower part of their body.

I have read many LOT theory threads and I’m convinced there’s something to be said for the theory, despite the possible logical fallacies or holes it may have. In contrast, I read your post and pictures showing problems with the LOT theory, and I found that convincing as well. Can you see why a newbie could lose his mind?

Anyway, I figure at least the LOT theory can give me recommendations on what to do with my hanging routine, so for now, I’ll go with the flow & try it. I plan to post a progress thread, and keep a detailed log of my experience. I find the personal experiences of others (whether successful or otherwise) quite helpful, so I would like to contribute as well.

I’m really impressed with this forum, the community & the moderators. I already plan on making a donation at some point—because all of this is clearly real, and I’m grateful for what you guys have built.

Isn’t LOT to do with the ligs? If so, then you should do a search for people who have had the ligs surgically cut. There are about 20 accounts of people having the surgery here, yet very little evidence that it has effected the rate at which they gain erect length, which suggests that despite years of talking about lig gains etc, they don’t actually effect the erect penis. Lig gains certainly effect the flaccid lengtha s they allow the penis to hang lower. But this doesn’t translate into erect gains. I’m often surprised with all the theoretical disciussion that goes on at forums like this, that no one has ever really looked into this. There are of course claims of big length gains post surgery, but percentage wise, from what I ca tell, at no greater rate than men who haven’t had the ligs cut. A majority of the time men who are having the surgery will have never done any sort of PE until they do post op hanging. In these cases, if there are gains, how on earth can anyone tell if they have anything to do with the surgery, or whether the same gains would have been possible without the surgery? The only cases I know of, of people making significant gains post op, who claim to have tried and failed with hanging/stretching pre op, work in or are connected with PE surgery business. Basically, I think the results of PE lengthening surgery can tell us an awful lot about what is happening when we lengthening our penis’s, yet it seems to have largelly been ignored. There are hundreds of posts on LOT etc, but surely if lengthening surgery is suggesting the ligs don’t effect the length of the erect penis, then how can the LOT theory be of any value?

I see the point you’re trying to make there—and it does make theoretical sense.

Keep in mind though, even if lig stretching only provides flaccid gains, I think most PEers (not all) are just as interested in their flaccid as in their erect length. 90% of the time people see your penis, whether it’s at the gym, or even in a long term relationship, it’s not going to be erect. Women will also be starting at your crotch when it’s not erect. Hence, the importance of a fat flaccid hang.

Good point, joey, but it’s not true that nobody posted about LOT and surgical-PE counter-example.

The real point is: whatever you can say or show, most of times people will believe what they like to.

There have been many threads about the LOT theory and how it’s supposed to tell you things. I think it was Modesto Man who said something like, “if it comes down to the angle that the penis rests [or exits] in the body, then just use that as the predictor. Why go to the trouble of measuring the LOT?” (paraphrased from memory)

So if the tests you’ve done tell you to hang in a certain way, and Bib agrees, then that’s probably what you should do. As I said before, I’m not a hanger and Bib certainly knows his stuff. My disagreement is in the mechanics of the LOT test and how anatomically it really can’t tell you what you think it does.

Hanging does elongate the penis for those with enough dedication and caution not to overdo it. The method used for each man is best decided upon by that man and how he makes that decision really shouldn’t be anyone else’s business. I hope you won’t let your study of PE methods interfere too much with your day-to-day life and I also hope you achieve your goals.

At this point it’s clear I’ve hijacked this thread (sorry countdown 2).

Perhaps I can try to help you with some advice Bib gave me. My LOT is 8.5 (Not too far off yours). If you’re still interested in choosing your hanging angles based on LOT theory, I suggest you use the mirror & palpitation tests to confirm things. If the results from those tests are different from your LOT, then this advice might not be useful to you. Anyway, for me, all three tests appeared to correlate, and here’s some advice Bib gave me, which you may find helpful:

Originally Posted by Bib
>I tried the LOT test, and it seems I’m slightly under 9; maybe about 8.5. Based on the mirror test my lot looks pretty high (all the comparison photos were quite helpful). I [also] tried your palpitation test, and it appears [to correlate with the LOT test results]<

[You] Obviously have potential for gains from lig stretch, and would benefit from hanging at the lower angles, especially BTC.

Countdown 2 — if you’re serious about hanging, after you’ve read through all the thunders related hanging material, you may want to check out Bibs forum as well (see the link provided).

PE Research Marathon—
I think the reason I am spending so much time researching PE is that I am already 33 years old and I want to enjoy the benefits of PE while I’m still relatively ‘young’. In some ways, I feel like I don’t have time to over-train or get injured. I also feel like I just don’t have time to waste experimenting with methods that might not work. I don’t want to re-invent the wheel either—especially considering there are many nice wheels already built here on this forum (theories/ methodologies, etc).

Originally Posted by westla90069
I hope you won’t let your study of PE methods interfere too much with your day-to-day life and I also hope you achieve your goals.

Westla—I thank you so much for the sound advice :)


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