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Lost Motivation

Lost Motivation

I am crushed. This is my first negative in my PEing. I have been hanging for about 3 months and am up to 15 lbs, 40 to 60 min 4 to 5 times per week with a home made hanger. Before hanging I successfully gained an inch of girth at my base that was very important to me. I measured my base today for the 1st time in a while and lost a half inch, which crushed me. This might sound severe but it is taking the motivation right out of me. I have gained in flaccid size which I appreciate but do not want to lose any more girth. I have read many threads saying girth gains by hanging. I feel like I’m going backwards. I have gained a little in EL and want to gain more but do not want to lose my the little girth I had. Fellow hangers please help!!!


I’ve been seriously hanging for over 7 months with NO gain in length. Up to 17 1/2 lbs. for my first sets of the day. WTF. Wrote Bib and he said just keep at it slow and steady and eventually I will reach the weight that will give me the results I want. I guess I was bouyed by a 1/2” gain in EL in the first few months of PE. About the first thing I learned here is that PE is a marathon and not a sprint. I don’t want to say it but hang in there.


Back on your feet soldier.


Hello Larry,

I’m actually hanging right now and I’m grinning and bearing it. I had to laugh reading the end of your post. I have tried every technique of PE and realise that I have to be consistent and patient like everything else in life. Thanks for the words of encouragement.

I’m getting in a few light sets myself as I cruise the net. Persistance, my favorite virtue. Goals aren’t for whiners.

Hello Larry,

I went back on some of your posts and noticed I have the same LOT as you. I recently started to read that thread and am going to try to hang in different angles. From my start with hanging I’ve only hung BTC. Unfortunately my hanger works best BTC and I will have to make some adjustments to hang other angles like SO.

I fulcrum hang over a chair, BTC, and SD. At my heavier weights, I’ll put my feet up on a table while seated, Man do you feel that. I must have the toughest ligs in this solar system. This thing should be dragging on the floor.

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