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Lost guitar finally found

Lost guitar finally found

After soo much failure, no gains, and so on (I’m sure all of you know my story) I was made to read ss4jelqs progressreport, where a special training for septumkillin’ was shown .. So I added swinging weight, heat during first half of set, and pulling septum appart second half of set ..

After now about 2 monts I discovered this: a 1 cm gain :) )))

It is measured BP and member pulled out by hand (erected it so confusing, because it depends on the errection I think, there I measure very differen things)

But I think that I can go with this gain? Eh? I used to measure this way all my petime, and it always showed the same data .. Now it’s different .. More

Yours guitar .. Ill go on with that .

Uh, no. I’m hanging upper angles. My lot is 6:00. I’m afraid to change angles right now. It’s working very good now.

Ya, it is! I got a baseballbat balanced on my knees .. It is hard to do anything else while I’m hanging because there is no free hand . I’m sitting on a chair and got a box in front of me where I step with my feet on, to get more hight .

Here is a little update about my gain:

4 mm BPEL
1 cm BPSL

Hi lost,

>After now about 2 monts I discovered this: a 1 cm gain )))

Good to hear about the gain lost, congrats. Glad my routine was useful to someone.

As for changing your routine, keep doing what you’re doing.

I’m happy for you man.


@SS4: It’s me to thank you, dude!! :) Without your Progress report, I would have stopped hanging. ;-)

Can you or SS4 post a link to the progress report thread with the septum hanging info is?

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Jo bbs!

Sry that this comes that late, but I was on holidays
The link is: SS4’s progress update

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