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Lost failed again but not forever

Lost failed again but not forever

So far so good .. You know the problems I had before I finally found ss4jelqs bible for hardgainerhanging .. Then, in two months, I gained 4mm BPEL and 1cm BPSL ..

Now another month just passed and I measured nothing (a feeling I got used to years before) .. Although I went up whit weight and constant time (not taking morning or evening off because of a movie or something else) .. Mkay’

The gains I made without traction wraps .. In this last month I started them .. I just think about it, that a traction wrap cuts down the bloddflow for healing .. Stupid thought I know, but in this situation, you are searching for “da bastard in da house”
I was working out harder than before and now I’m going to show you my next workout plan:

I’m going to hang till 31 of January, and if I can’t gain anything, ill take some weeks of. Not sure how long but I think this has to be. Plus I’m going up with time from 2 hours a day to 3 hours a day and instead of 3 days on/ 1 day off to 6 days on/ 1 day off
Training like master ss4 told: heat for fist half of 20 minuets, swinging, pulling septum apart in second half, and kegeling during whole set ..

I don’t know if I should continue jelqing, because this I didn’t made too, when I made my gains, but I don’t see any reason why jelqing should prevent lenghtgains ..

I think that I will still use traction wraps (but not that tough, but good bloodflow), and 10 minutes jelqing before bed ..

Thats it for now .. Wish me luck, dudes :)

Yours LOST

Originally Posted by lost Guitar
Plus I’m going up with time from 2 hours a day to 3 hours a day and instead of 3 days on/ 1 day off to 6 days on/ 1 day off

Holy shit! 3 hours a day! How DO you find the time?!

Is your LOT changing at all? I would not cut down on the jelqing, to a mere 10 min- I’d stick with 15-20 min if cutting time at all. Jelqing fills the stretched tissues with blood and expands them ever so slightly. Are you doing any other manual exerciese for stretching in addition to hanging? This is what I am doing- it although I have not gained yet, my penis feels fatigued and sore the next day which I conclude as a good sign.

PEing since Jan 1st, 2003

Good luck Lost,

I may be joining that hard gainers’ club right there with you. I’m also giving my routine til about the end of January. If there are still no gains, something has to be changed dramatically.

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

@Wt: there is always time, but is there alway the will? :)
Just imagine: you wake up, and the first thing you think of is 5 sets to 20 minutes and same in the evening .. And then, imagine the look in your face, when about more than 1 month after this funny game nothing has changed .. (I hope this face is not mine in January)

Then lets compare in January :)

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