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Loss then gain, and repeat.

Loss then gain, and repeat.

Seems like every morning I wake up, measure and i’ve lost half an inch. No matter how hard i flacid stretch, it’s gone. Then I do a few hanging sets, wear the weights, and by the time night comes around, it’s back. Sigh.

I know just about everyone here agrees it’s a really bad idea to sleep with something on you penis, but there’s gotta be a way to do it, I’m sure it accelerate giains by atleast 75%, if not much more. Maybe wraping with a thin theraband (as opposed to the thick gray one), attaching some ace bandage at the wrap, and then tying it off to your leg. Does seem like that could cause damage. If you wrap right, it wouldnt cut off circulation if even you did get an erection.

Thoughts anyone?

Originally Posted by andrewroark

Thoughts anyone?

Yes, there is a fine in between helping your gains along with a wrap or traction and becoming overly obsessed with it to the brink of insanity.

Of course there is a retraction after a lot of work, I’ve experienced this and assumed it was totally natural. I’ve toyed with ADS’s and traction wraps but found out these presented more work and babysitting than actually hanging.

Do not ever sleep with anything on your penis, it is dangerous I know too well. The thing about PE is you have to do things that grow on you or become a part of everyday life, if you struggle or make things uncomfortable, the longevity of a career is sacrificed.

It is an accumulation of time and force, IMO.

Originally Posted by SlackJawedYokel
If you lost half an inch every day, you’d have no dick!

Unless you had a REALLY big dick.

I believe you are seeing post session gains that are not permanent, you aren’t losing it in the morning, your temporarily gaining it after hanging.

Originally Posted by Chief Big Girtha
SLEEPING and the BED FOWFER: Okay guys: This is probably the most important thing of all: There have been a lot of threads discussing the benefits of somehow utilizing the healing process the penis goes through during nocturnal erections. If you haven’t seen the excellent link Thunder posted in Dangles Clamping at 4AM thread, read it. You might want to print it off and read at your leisure, because it is pretty lengthy and in depth, but very informative. In a nutshell the time your dick is doing its utmost healing is while you are in your deepest sleep REM sleep. Holy shit I got it right. REM, not RIM. Rapid Eye Movement. This is when we dream, this is when we get hard and most importantly this is when we HEAL. Having the micro-tears elongated during this time is very important to PEers. I’m not suggesting you wear your Bib hanger to bed, guys. Although there are probably some who do. I can’t even advise traction wrapping while you sleep, although I used to do this myself.

I do suggest however a very simple routine I call BED FOWFERS. I used to call them Pillow Fowfers, but lately I’ve found it works better without the pillow. This exercise works best if you sleep nude. Simply tuck your flaccid dick between your legs and sleep on your side. Most people sleep on their side most of the night anyway, but this can be done even if you sleep on your back, you just need to start out on your side. After a little while your body heat makes the inside of your thighs a literal penis magnet. Once that sucker is tucked in there and body heat builds up it will STAY tucked, even when you toss and turn during the night. You may have to retuck once and a while, especially if you are one of these sleepers that tosses their bed partner off into the floor during the night. It is very easy to keep that dick tucked between your legs. After a while you’ll get so that the retuck is involuntary. When the time of night, or morning comes when REM sleep takes you deep under, you won’t have to worry about it. Your nocturnal erections will pull that sleeping penis right of its warm cradle and do it’s healing. During this time you don’t have to worry about turtling, because you will be hard. The minute Mother Nature is done with her little healing episode you will be waking up for the day. Before you get out of bed, reach over to your night stand and get your lead ring, slip it on and start your day.

This comes from this thread

:flame: "If you build it, they will cum."

Redwood\'s Progress Report/Routines Thread.

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