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Losing my mind . . .

Losing my mind . . .

I’ve searched and searched … can someone please tell me what ADS is and how to do it. Can’t find explanation anywhere. Really guys, I was looking hard. Many thanks.

Later . . LS


If new to the ADS thing, a few points that are at least 80% true:

The effect they promote is based on very long duration of wear at certain tension.
Many people who buy them find they can’t wear them at such tension for such duration due to blood circulation issues.
None are as discrete as alleged, so wearing them in normal clothes for normal days is somewhat questionable.
Wearing them at night should be viewed as a serious safety issue.

I believe Thunders Place has a video tutorial on making an ADS device. I am too new and dumb to post a link for you.

Read threads carefully for such utility and results as other members have reported as you consider your own plan.

I for one have had a great deal of early success with the golf weights that
were bing talked about recently. Check that out for post work-out ADS.

just my two cents

Keep working, keep learning



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