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Losing erection

Losing erection

I have started hanging again recently, but now during sex I am having trouble maintaining an erection. What should I do? I have not been hanging for very long periods of time yet, and only at moderate weight. About 10lbs 30 min a day to get back into it.

10 lbs for 30 minutes (at least if that is a continuous set) would be considered much by many if you are just getting started again.

10 min sets

I see. Well, 10 lbs is still quite heavy if you are deconditioned. Your ligs may handle it fine, but the soft tissue may not.

Personally, I always noticed decreased EQ when hanging, but there are many guys who report otherwise. Even increased EQ.

I will try and go lighter for a few weeks thanks.

I read somewhere when the penis is fatigued. Such as after hanging, exercise, etc.Erection quality suffers a bit, in the short term and it is a good sign and it means it is growing? or tissues are being deformed and there is potential for growth?
I can see the logic to this.

Perhaps someone can elaborate on this or am I talking / writing bollocks?

Always be cool.

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UhOh, are you doing some jelqs also? Hanging tends to lower EQ, jelqs can counterbalance this ‘side effect’.

disel, the idea is that if your penis is not responding in a positive way to the exercises then what you are doing is wrong. If you have trouble getting a boner, that’s a very bad sign and you should stop whatever you are doing for awhile.


I agree with Marinera. I also incorporate jelqing into my hanging routine and still wake up every morning with a nice, hard erection.

I have definitely been incorporating jelqing, maybe not enough after wards. Only around 150 - 300 jelqs after.

I will try increasing my jelqing and cutting back on the weight in hanging

I have been hanging almost a year now and barely up to 6x15 sets at 7.5 lbs 2 hours total a day you might be using too much weight. Then again lower erection quality comes with hanging sometimes. When my EQ goes down I find that pumping 2x15 minute sets a day several days in a row brings back my EQ. Then I stop pumping until my EQ goes back down usually like a week.

I had the same problem with hanging the traditional way with the hanger 1 inch behind the glans. I tried that for 1 week when I first started hanging back in August 2009 and my erection quality would be in the shitter for the rest of the day. When I started attaching my homemade hanger as close to the base as possible to directly target the ligs and inner penis my gains shot up and erection quality did not suffer. I think the penis that is close towards the base can handle alot my force then the penis that 2 inches towards the glans.

However when I use my ADS which is golf weights I do attach the my wrap 1-2 inches behind the glans so the weight of the golf weights will rest behind it to stretch more outer tunica with light force.

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