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loosing grith when hanging?(and paying for the Bib)

loosing grith when hanging?(and paying for the Bib)

anyone ever lost grith size due to hanging? that’s my big concern :S

and Bigger I’m in despair I’m not able to pay for the bib i try the Paypal thing, but I never received those 4 digs so I could activate my account :( any other way to do it?? :’(

A lot of guys (including Bigger) describe getting a carrot/conical shaped penis, so even if you don’t lose girth at the top your gains at the girth are likely to make it look smaller at the top. Bigger fixed with uli’s post hanging.

With paypal you don’t need an account, you can just click on pay by paypal on the Bib site and input your credit card details. Also you don’t need to ‘activate’ your account to start using it, I paid for my Bib within 5 minutes of getting a paypal account. The four digits should appear on your credit card/ bank statement, with a small charge, if you haven’t got this charge then its worth complaining if you haven’t already.

hmm i got FIVE digits ??? have tried to exclude the first or the last with no luck so i have only one try left :( crap!

seems weird:

should look like

PAYPAL 0000*MEMBER 0000000000 $1.95

Where the underlined digits are the code.

Did you try paying without the cc confirmation? (i.e. post the email confirmation stage).

hmm nope did not get those four digits perhaps its my bank fault .. don’t think it will work without the confirmation.. guess i have to build my own bib :’( crry

As I say, I sucessfully ordered my bib without the confirmation, and you can use paypal as a means of paying by credit card without setting up an account.

Did you try ordering? You have a confirmed email address and password that should be all it takes.

yes i did in fact try ordering one 10 days ago but i did not get a confirmation email only all that Paypal stuff.. but ill give it another try .. thanks :)

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