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Looking for a Link (URL)

Looking for a Link (URL)

A while back, month or two, someone had posted a link to a hanger they had just bought.
It looked like a black tube sort of thing, asnd the impression I got was that it was intended to be worn all day.
One of the things I liked about it was it had a long enough strap that it could be wrapped aroud the foot to get extra tension out of it- in fact there was a picture of exactly that on the site.

IIRC it was like $150.00 or so, for the device.

I *think* they’re made by someone here (not BIB, someone else).

Anyone have any idea what I’m talking about, or have a link? I thought I bookmarked it, but I can’t seem to find it my list.

Thanks guys!


Yea I know the thread you're talking about

Ask BIB, he talked to the guy that made it….

Um, what was it called….try a search on “BIB knock-off” or something like that….

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Nope, not a modified BIB or aythig like that. This was somethig else. IIRC it was a black rubber sort of affair that had a blue strap thingy on it.
(Jeeze, how many reports do I read every day that sound just as lame as that explanation? Too many I think)
There were a ton of example pics on the ste, and the device could be worn in a few different ways. It had a smaller strap that you could wrap around your waist to get a side pull effect, or around one of your knees like a garter to get a dowward pull. Then it had a long strap that you would put your foot through to do a tension pull.

I do recall thinkig that the guy making them may be from south america, or spain perhaps?
It seemed his written engrish was more spanish oriented, rather than any of the northern european languages.


That’s the one.

Thanks guys.

Now I’m off to my laboratory to experiment. Muhahahahaha!

Amazing how cheap you can get old inner tubes from the bicycle shop. Of course, they tend to look at me a little funny.

“Geeze mister, what are you planning to do with all these?”

I could tell ya, but then I’d have to kill ya.


Never mind.



Don’t buy that yet. I am having problems with getting help from them with my questions- I would hold off.

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