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Looking back from your start hanging......

Looking back from your start hanging......

If you hang or used to what would you have done differntly? What was good but underused by you? What sucked and wasdted your time? Did you use a swim cap? A Home made hanger? A Bib? Some other way? Would you have used a all day hang or wrap methjodolgy to grab those gains?

I have a hanger coming and have yet to do anything so i would appreciate your advice. Thanks TT


Hey TT,

My first suggestion is to remember to take it slow. Don’t expect your dick to grow 4” in the first month. Also….I wouldn’t throw a 10 lbs weight on there to start. I started off with a 3lbs weight, then 6lbs several weeks later. I just started 10 lbs this week.

Also… flexible in your routine. Don’t be afraid to try a different method. This isn’t rocket-science! Everyone responds differently and has different needs!

For me, I started taking some enhancement pills from GNC when I started hanging. For what I can tell, it can’t hurt trying. I have also found that after hanging, I do some manual jelqing. That helps get blood back into the penis and blood fills those newly stretched out cells.

Also….don’t try to hang when you are sporting wood. It just doesn’t work. I know its hard to avoid a boner when you first start off. I got so excited about hanging, that I would have to wait a while for my dick to puff down.

I hope this information helps. And don’t be afraid to ask questions on the boards!



I guess by your post that you are just now getting ready to get into hanging. You said that you have a hanger coming. Is is a Bib Hanger? If so, I’m jealous as hell as I have been trying - no begging - for one on the boards for a couple of weeks. In any case, I have been using a homemade - ala Tom Hubbard. I jumped up to 15 lbs pretty quickly. I guess I was able to do that because I had been doing vigorous manual stretching for weeks. However, DO take it slowly. Each person is different. You don’t want to put on too much weight initially and then hear a big RIP as your schlong falls to the floor. Please keep us posted on your progress.

Happy hangin


Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!


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