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Location of hanger

Location of hanger

I am wondering if where you put the hanger on your shaft will determine how much of it will be stretched. If for example you hung 1 inch from the glans and it rides up a little - I assume it would pretty much stretch everything below where the clamp is. What about placing the hanger in the middle or lower shaft? Will that only stretch the behind where the clamp is?

I have some bruising like Wad that doesn’t want to go away from clamping too tight. I decided to try hanging beneath where I usually do, (the 1 inch behind glans spot) and it feels like everything behind the clamp stretched but in front of it, it doesn’t. To give an example after hanging upper angles I pressed along the top of the shaft and it felt a little spongy except in front of the clamp where it felt very rigid.

My second question - yes there are two. Do you still get any benefit from hanging lower on the shaft in terms of tunica stretching or is the upper tunica going to be a roadblock for gains while the bruising hopefully subsides.

Any help would greatly appreciated. Thanks.

-Tom “Ah! A snake in my pants!” Foolery

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According to Bib: The area under the hanger is getting stretched too.
By “under” I mean the shaft that is inside the hanger.
Bib used the metaphor of pulling on a rope. He said the tension on the rope starts where your hands are placed on the rope.

I think you mean Dino, not Wad with the bruising.
You shouldn’t be getting bruised while hanging. Something is amiss. Drop ten and punt. Figure out what is causing the bruising.

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Tom: from what I understand from Bib is that placing the hanger closer to the glands stretches the inner structures more as where attaching it closer to the body only stretches skin. Personally for me I can hang more weight more comfortably longer with the hanger on the tougher part of the shaft that is close to the body, but I’m sure Bib is right. The one thing I like about the starter as opposed to the original Bib is it is shorter and can be placed in different spots along the shaft, like I really have all that shaft to play with if you get my drift.

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Big Girtha, I am not really worried about the inner structures not being stretched as I knew at the position it was in that the desired effect was happening. However, I was questioning whether the whole tunica length was being stretched from the fact it was all being pulled up. Still, very informative. Thanks for the response.

And as for Mr. Ramrod - it was just a phase! I swear! I never inhaled! :hide:

What I meant to say is that there was a brief amount of time where I thought if I tightened the ol’ Wench more it wouldn’t slip up so much. While true to some degree I woke up one day with the BROD (Black Ring of Death) that is taking it’s sweet time to clear up. Only skin bruising no actual pain/damage to the penis.

I also learned that tightening a hanger and actually hearing the blood vessels snap is a tad bit too much. Also thanks for clearing up the fellow bruiser. Was thinking about Wad’s posts when I should have said Dino.

I do wonder though if the gripper pads are included in the “under the hanger” or just where the clamp starts. I would assume the pads would mark the start of the actual pull, no?

Thanks for the info guys.

-Tom ” <—- I’m With Stupid” Foolery

"Yeah, we don't need another smart ass ... we have our share already." - ThunderSS

Tom “BCC” Foolery,
The “rope” thing I was talking about is this:
From Bib - “Another example would be in pulling a rope in a tug-o-war. It is not just the back of the hand and pinky finger which provides the friction, but rather the entire hand. The same is true with your rubber band example. The band becomes thinner at the lateral portions, distributing the forces more within the grasp. This is the reason you must tighten hangers after the weight is applied.”

I suggest you read Wadzilla’s thread. It may contain some information you are looking for.

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