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Little Vacu hanging help

Little Vacu hanging help

I have started hanging with 10 lbs but I feel it isn’t doing anything and I am scared of water blisters and don’t want to up the weight to 12 lbs. But after hanging SD for 1 hour at 10 lbs I don’t feel any fatigue in the ligs. Penis feels normal. After a break I do feel the left lig taking more of the weight than the right but after the first set and it stretches out it doesn’t feel like that anymore. Does anyone have any suggestions. More time or more weight and if more weight for how much time? Thanks

My suggestion is to be careful with your head/glans. Once this becomes inflamed you are dead in the water. It is clearly a weak link for many vac hangers users.

Just take some breaks and extend the session just becareful of the head swelling at times depending on weight.

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I use a vac hanger also, the Max-Vac, and currently hanging 10.5lbs mostly SD and SO. Using 10.5lbs I don’t feel fatique either after a 1hr session PM (hanging 2-30min sets), (1-30min set AM). But some months back I was using 11-11.5lbs with this hanger and noticed some really good fatique setting in in the second 30min set.

10-10.5lb range dosen’t do much for me fatique wise but the higher weights do bring on the fatique (velcro ripping) in the shaft but not at the base/ligs. Of course with higher weight comes the problem of swelling/blisters and it gets worse the higher you go! I wrap the head with sports wrap to protect from vacuum effect, not 100% swelling proof but really does help minimize the effect- I haven’t had a blister yet.

You say you notice a stretch using 10lbs, that’s good, have you noticed any gains- BPFSL or BPEL? If you’ve been at for any length of time you may actually be making progress. I’ve been at it (again) for 1.5 months in the 10-10.5lb range and have gained 3/16” BPEL and 3/8” BPFSL so this lower weight is working for me.

Yeah, don’t increase the weight until you have to. If you can make progress/gains at the lower weight- 10lbs, all the better, your dick will thank you for it.

As for more time or more weight, I’d say give the 10lbs a chance for at least 2-3 weeks and see where you’re at gain wise, a month would be even better. After that, if you don’t see any gains or increase in flaccid hang (stretching the ligs) then upping the weight 1-2lbs would probably be in order. Also, if you could get in more hang-time maybe 1.5-2hrs p/d with an ADS/extender after sessions should help alot also. Just my 2cts worth.

Welcome! 2 months I use vacuum Hanger but result is not present,though I use on 3-4 hour every day with weight 4kg.I carry a Hanger not shifting a leather to the basis.Whether it is necessary to bare always a head or it is not obligatory?As it seems to me if to not shift the leather instead of a trunk will grow only and if to shift-arises discomfort at carrying.Prompt how correctly and effectively to carry Hanger please?I am sorry for my English, while

Somebody needs to invent some device that combines vacuum with a little bit of traction. Just a couple pounds of reduction in load placed on glans by vacuum can make all the difference in the world as far as whether or not you swell to an equilibrium point where don’t swell any more and are fine vs swelling and swelling until you have huge donut or blisters.

Wrapping seems to work for some, but it has never worked for me. The result is that I am not able to hang as much in weight or time per day as I would like simply because the swelling becomes too much. If I lower the weight a little, I can hang twice as much per day, but at the lower weight I never grow because it simply isn’t enough load.

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