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With surgery the ligs are cut so more penis comes out,with hanging ligs (I take it),ligs are either broken or stretched so more penis comes out also.Reading a reseach paper(re-surgery) recently on the net,it was stated by figures that,increases of non erect penis increased by avg,length 46% and girth 32%.But in the erect stage increases length only 5.5% and girth 17%.

But reading these forums,hangers say they also get good length increases in the erect stage.

Can someone explain why you would get good increases with hanging but not surgery when a similar end result (ligs)is achieved.Read somewhere plastic ligs?



I would love to read that paper if you have a link.

>Can someone explain why you would get good increases with hanging but not surgery when a similar end result (ligs)is achieved.Read somewhere plastic ligs?<

I do not believe you can get much gain with surgery alone. Most surgeons now prescribe a regimen of hanging post surgery which sometimes involves hours per day for a long time. If the paper is only looking at surgery without the corresponding hanging, then those figures might be correct for the erect state.

I do not see how there could be that much difference between flaccid gains and erect gains.

The gains for surgery along with a hanging regimen are probably a lot higher than you reported.

It is not only the ligs which hold the penis in, but they are the major factor. Even after cutting the ligs, the penis is not going to simply ‘flop’ out.

Further, the long term consistant hanging of weight also has a lengthening affect on the tunica which is not a function of the state of the ligs.



Thanks for the link.

Interesting. The only problem with it is the age of the research. Published in March 1999. I could not find the range within which the surgeries were done, but the mean time since the surgery was over 12 months. So it was a quite a while ago. I found the following to be kind of neat.

>No matter which surgery a man has had performed, doctors often suggest post-surgical techniques to improve results. The suspensory ligament can repair itself and actually shorten the penis, so an inventor, Roland Clark, created a weights system (photo 10.1- 10.2) called P.L.D. (Penile Lengthening Device) that allows the penis to heal at its maximum new length. Twenty two men (44.9%) out of this sample had used weights to enhance their results. Four men (8.2%) used manual stretching (photos 9.1 - 9.3) and another four (8.2%) used a vacuum pump (photo 11.1). Sixteen men (32.65%) did not do anything else to improve their results. Other methods (6.1%) included corrective surgery, regular exercise and general good health. <

I was really disappointed that the weights program was either nonexistant, or not described at all. It would seem that all the factors in the erect length results would be significant.

In the summary:

>Everyday doctors who perform penile augmentations are discovering new ways for their patients to attain better results. Since this study, Dr. C has been dividing the lengthening and girth enlargement into two separate surgeries. This was done to decrease the number of cases in which the suspensory ligament attaches to the pubic bone, causing signficant loss of length, and to increase the blood supply to the area when the dermal grafts are inserted. The lengthening procedure is done first. During the six-to twelve-month separation, the patient will have concentrated on gaining maximal length with the help of weights. The dermal fat graft procedure can then be done without compromising the blood supply due to the excision of ligaments at the base of the penis.

Patients are instructed to continue a healthy lifestyle and are given medication and nutritional substances to enhance the healing process and reduce scarring. The weights should be continued four to six weeks after the dermal graft surgery. <

I wonder how long the average surgeon recommends weights now?


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