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Ligs showing at the base.

Ligs showing at the base.

Hi guys,

I was wondering out of you guys, that have gained an inch, or more does your ligs show at the base. I want to hang btc and sd ,but ai want my snake to look as norma as possible.

Snake at your house.

Hi Snake,

Before PE my ligs didn’t show at all, and now - one and a half inch later - they are only slightly pronounced. In less you’re already showing, I wouldn’t worry about it. Besides, I actually like that look. It’s like a fuckin’ tree stump.

Also, are we really sure that some of the pics we see with “ligs” showing are really ligs? In some of them it looks like veins or something else. Maybe one of our more knowledgable anatomy experts can chime in.

Like stevie said it looks great like a tree trunk

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