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light hanging with a TLC Tugger

light hanging with a TLC Tugger

I have a question for the group. TLC Tuggers are for restoring foreskin and work really well. I have been doing some light to mild hanging in attempts to get accelerated skin stretch out of the device. That the Tugger works sometimes for light hanging/stretching is a given, but I just spoke with the Man Ron on his TLC product and he did not recommend above a certain weight, but he did say that the materials and attachments were tested at some point, but I don’t recall the test weight. My question is, will I be better served to use a dedicated stretcher for tunica or ligament work or does the Tugger help with this also. I probably should think on what I want most, restore or PE. but I’m getting old.

Hey Brother,

I’ve used the TLC Tugger and I also have the bibhanger starter, the malehanger and the LG hanger. Now I’m no expert when it comes to success with any of the above hangers but I can at least tell you that the tug on your unit is way different from the TLC vs any of the hangers for PE. Just treat the TLC Tugger for foreskin restoration and maybe an ADS device but that is it.

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good advice, thanks

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