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Light Hanging vs. Manual Stratching

Light Hanging vs. Manual Stratching

Which would be more effective for length gains?

Due to my homeade hanger, etc. I can only hang with 5 lbs. Which would be more effective, light hanging or manual stretching.

If it matters, I have a LOT of 11:00-12:00.


Why only 5 pounds? .
Will it not accomodate more due to strength or is it to uncomfortable?

How does the stretch feel with 5 pounds on it?

How long are you hanging per session?

How does the current amount of stretch with the hanger feel compared to the amount of stretch felt manual stretching?

If you have to choose one, choose manual stretches. 5lbs is nothing compared to what you should be doing with your arm. I don’t think spending some time hanging 5 lbs would hurt, but don’t take away time you could be stretching to do that.

Why not both? Do an intensive manual stretching routine to begin with, and then finish with at least 3 * 20 minute light hanging sets, probably BTC given your hight LOT, to concrete any temporary gains made from the stretching.

As for what manual stretching you should do - hopefully somebody will chime in on this point as I’m not an expert on which manual stretching exercises are best - you need to focus (most definitely) on LIG stretches since you have a very high LOT (good good).

I found one of the most effective LIG stretches to be lying on my back in a kind of squatting position, if you can imagine that, and pulling your penis between your legs hard. You should combine this, and indeed any LIG strecthes, with Blasters.


Good_Knight- I tried BTC stretches standing up, and theyre AWESOME! Hit my ligs harder than any other stretches I have ever done. Really can feel it in my inner penis. Talk about a great stretch, thanks for letting me know. I pull the head of my penis almost past my anus, between my cheeks. Really great stretch man, thanks for letting me know about it. I reverse kegel the entire time I am doing it, great stretch!


I’d say definitely hanging. I used to do about 30 minutes of manual stretches (including BTC). I would get really sore all the time, especially from BTC. For the past 3 or 4 weeks though I’ve been hanging 7.5 and 5 pound sets for an hour and twenty minutes a day max. The hanging could get me pretty sore during the actual hanging (especially BTC again), but afterwards I wasn’t so sore. Anyway, in the first two weeks of hanging I gained 0.25”. With my previous stretching I gained the same amount in 2 or 3 times the time period.

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