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Light hanging as ADS but edema

Light hanging as ADS but edema

Since I work at home these days, I would like to use very light hanging (5lbs) with Vac-Hanger as an ADS. The problem is that the Vac-Hanger, no matter what weight I’m using it seems, causes fluid buildup/swelling/edema of my glans. At five pounds weight, by the 30 minute point of a set my entire glans is puffed up with fluid. The constriction sleeve methods have not worked for me.

Is it ok to continue to hang even when the head is all swollen up like this, or does this mean that I will not be able to use Vac-Hanger as an ADS? I am new to edema so I do not know these things.

How about, can anyone tell me how they deal with the edema if they have found it unavoidable? The sleeves don’t work for me because they always leave tip somewhat unsupported in areas and then tip gets terribly swelled and discolored (I have tried several things). I prefer to have the entire glans swell uniformly.

I am interested in hearing whether or not anyone here has been able to use a vac-hanger for several hours a day. Like I said, I would really like to be able to use it as an ADS but I need to know whether or not it is ok to keep hanging when glan swollen up.

Hi vkn1,

You may be pushing yourself too hard, too fast. Anyone that is not well-cdonditioned is liable to get some swelling even at 2 lbs for an extended time period let alone 5 lbs. You might want to consider wrapping the glans. That is what I am doing to prevent blistering at the urethral tip and I am ADSing up to 6 hrs a day now (with intermittent short breaks just to check things) but at modest tension of say 1-2 lbs. I expect it will take me a few weeks to condition the glans to handle either more tension or time. I sure as hell do not want a serious injury like a blood blister. The wrap I am using is J&J self-sticking 1-inch wide surgical tape. It is soft, fills the cap, and I wrap in an x-over or figure 8 configuration with a final flap over the tip. It seems to work OK.

Any time new, untried tissue (like the head of your dick) is exposed to stress it must be taken easy and adequate conditioning time must be expected. Build up gradually to your target in a safe manner - you will get there - but please don’t take a nasty injury that can be avoided. JMHO.



Are you using the monkeybar constriction sleeve with Vac-Hanger in combination with the wrap?

Hi vkn1,

No constriction sleeve in combo - just the wrap and about 1/2 of one of the silicone sleeves. I tried the constriction sleeve, but for me the wrap seemed more comfortable. The wrap also seems to help keep some of the skin back so as not to pinch in the silicone sleeve.

Even with the wrap, my skin and the surface of the glans feels a bit chafed and beat up. Since I am back from a long decon break, it may take me quite a while to get reconditioned. I’m taking it day by day and hour by hour since the glans is taking the brunt of all of the tension and it’s a totally new PE experience - at least, it is for me.


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