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Light Hang All Day

Originally Posted by crockett29
I’ve gotten back into PE after stopping about 10 years ago.

My routine was a warm wrap, stretches, jelq for ~30 minutes to get a good stretch and hang at various angles and weights. Maybe 3-10 sessions a day as I work out of my shop at home. Seldom missed a day and after a year+ and not any gains, I gave up.

I happened onto a site called Good looking Loser late last year and he writes about his PE experiences and various new(to me at least)devices. One was a BathMate and he had a way with a wine bottle pressurizer to increase the pressure inside of your BathMate. One requirement to use it was a tugger cone you can buy from VLC Tugger, a site devoted to growing back your foreskin.

So I go there and I’m reading his information and he has a method to increase the foreskin if you don’t have enough to start using his tugger cones. It involves cutting out the bottom of an appropriate sized canister and inserting your glans into it and pulling your foreskin over it and taping it with this great tape called Mefix. After 3 months of use, I can tell it’s working, which is pretty GD cool but not the point.

You can take one side of those big paper clips and use it to secure the device to a stretchy leg strap. I’ve since started using those workout bands so I know about how much weight I pulling. I’m using a 4 lb band now. Someone mentioned it’s inconsistent and yes that’s true but is that bad varying the pull?

Anyway, I now warm up, stretch for 10 minutes using reverse kegels and hard stretches, erect jelq for ~45 minutes and then place the device on my dick. I wear it all day and if I don’t have sex, I’ll wear it all night unless I get some large nocs and have to remove it which happens about 1/2 the time. So on average, say 15 hours a day in this device. Really, it’s easy.

I started at 6 1/8” and in 3 months, well actually 2 measurements, my next measurement isn’t for 10 days, I’ve gained 7/16”. I don’t do anything for girth.yet, other then the BathMate which I like to use before sex, as my erect girth was 6” and is now 6 1/8”. I remember reading a long time ago on BIB’s site that he thought it would be harder to stretch a fat cock so I’m leaving girth exercises out for now. I certainly don’t expect gains like this to continue indefinitely but I can tell I’ve got an increase again to measure in 10 days!

What I’ve read is that after you’ve broken down cells in your dick from stretching and jelqing, keeping the cock mildly stretched out while it heals promotes growth. It sure seems to be working.

There are ADS that cost $100s of dollars and look iffy. Putting noose around your dick? I don’t think so. Vacuum sealing around the glans? Ouch. The Phallosan costs over $300! And the replacement rubber things are ridiculous.

This device with a canister costs the price of a workout band and a roll of 2” Mefix tape, about $15, and works great. I also use an Ace wrap around my knee, it’s just more comfortable. When you have to pee, you just remove the clip and wipe the inside of the canister with a kleenex when you’re done.

If you want to try this, I added these mods. I cut a 5/16” deep by 1/2” notch in the lip of my canister and place that notch over my frenulum when I insert my glans as it was getting chaffed. I also wrapped a couple times around the rim of the canister with 1” Mefix as the filed edge of the canister was digging into my foreskin.

Just my .02

Ummm, OK?

can you post pics of your setup crockett29?

My MaxVac Setup Longerstretch's Golf Weight and HTW setup My Log

Starting Size: circa 2003: 5 BPEL x 5.0 MSEG August 2007: 6 2/3 BPEL x 5.5 MSEG

04/22/08: 7.5 BPEL x 5.6 MSEG... On and Off again for a while... Restart PE in late 10/2013... 11/25/13: 7.75 BPEL x 5.75 MSEG

So, I decided to take a decon break for a couple reasons, haven’t measured for quite awhile, yesterday I had a pleasant surprise.
Since taking a taking a temporary break from hanging I’ve been doing manual stretches, no set routine, just kinda whatever when I have the time, in an effort to keep from losing any more of my gains.
So the other day I was having some “me time” and it just looked small. Thinking I’d lost even more of my gains I decided to break out the ruler, turns out I’m actually back up to just a hair over six inches BPEL! Happy Happy Happy!!

Working on a new all day weight setup, will try to post pics tomorrow. :)

Hi, first of all sorry for the bad English.

Some may know me, I was present some month ago and was very skeptical about PE, I’m still. I still don’t think you can gain length nor girth with manual exercises, but if you thinks so, good for you it’s none of my business.
But I do believe you can increase your flaccid size with all-day light hanging, some may call it “biker’s hang”. I cannot create a new thread or didn’t understand how to with the endless rules theses kind of forum got so I decided to post here, and present you my very personal lightweight hanging device.

It cost me nothing, I already got the items in my house:

28/30mm Barbell collars (but they are kinda “specific”) or if you got a ball-stretcher you can use it as well
Thick shoelace

Here’s some picture of the device:
Look Below For Pictures - Removed external links

You need to be 100% flaccid, put a little bit of oil on your penis (not a lot, just to help the collar to slide in and out without problem) then put the shoelace around your glans and tighten it, you should be able to pee without any discomfort.
Each collar weights about 62g, if wore the four of them, so I hang with just 250g (.45lbs I guess) all day long, the multiple knots are there to prevent the collar from slipping, the tightening system is a simple slipknot (hot glued at the extremity I cut to avoid the shoelace from fray), I wear it even when doing my workout, lifting weight and it never fell off even with warm or sweating.
My flaccid penis diameter is almost 3cm so it’s perfect for me, if you got a bigger penis or a smaller penis it might be too thin or too big and either you cannot wear it or it will constantly slide off..

It’s great, because it can’t be noticed, it’s noiseless, it isn’t too heavy (even if in my opinion a 600/800gr ball-stretcher would be slightly better) and it doesn’t need a lot of stuff you just have to put it on, you tightened it and you good to go ! Don’t wear underwear and or tight pants, your penis need to be free, and since it’s tubular people would ever guess it’s not your dick, they will probably be thinking you got a real biggy, I personally wear joggers pant (and a cockring too) and trust me ” bitches are mirin’ ” ;)

But be really careful, don’t get erect if you don’t want to get stuck with a lot of cockrings around your penis, if you feel the erection rush to the toilet and put it off, if you’re stuck, well keep calm, focus on the atrocity of war and enjoy your freezing cold penis bath !

I hope it will help some of you, give me your feedback and/or improvement it would be greatly appreciated !

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Two variables - weight and time. Too much weight (or ramping up the weight too fast), makes the tissue tough and resistant.

So time becomes the more interesting variable. Light weight (for me, 2 lbs, or shy under). At least 8 hours per day.

And 3 to 4 times per day, some manual stretches for 5 to 10 minutes. And light jelqs.

Better everything. Flaccid. EQ. Ultimately, more EL.

Oh - and also heat. I use a heating pad for 5 or 10 minutes here and there throughout the day.

And always before and after manual stretches. I can’t believe what a difference heat has made

Thanks to Titleist for his reminders to use heat. My heating pad has become my favorite PE tool.

So if any one is around ?? I bought this new device the Esl40. I saw a post where this guy said to use a silicone sleeve to aid the device. I have tried it and if you get the sleeve on the glans funny it pooches out like duck lips at the urethral opening. Not good !! If I put the sleeve behind the glans would it help or make it swell up too and be painful. Has anyone used this device and can they give me any pointers. I guess I’ll keep experimenting and see.

Originally Posted by low-hanging fruit

I gained about 0.7 inches over about a year from hanging a one pound weight everyday. I hung it while I worked.

Do you wear a wrap?

Sweet. Any girth gains from that?

Yeah…3/16 of an inch of girth.

What doesn't kill you makes you longer.


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