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Lig Pop

Lig Pop

Today while hanging I decided to go from 10 to 15 lbs in weight. (I’ve been PEing for 2 years now and hanging for several months so I figured that I could handle the additional weight). Within seconds of adding the weight I felt a slight “pop” in my lower abdomen. I’m certain that it was the ligament. It felt kind of strange and didn’t cause any pain. Everything seems to be in working order…erections are still solid and at the right angle so I’m curious as to what was going on.

Has anyone else experienced this. I’ve only heard one other guy in a PE chat room mention it. Do you think this could be an indication that a growth spurt is about to happen? I’d be interested to hear what you all have to say. Thanks.


It’s a bit concerning the first time it happens! :eek: Don’t worry, this is quite normal - many hangers have experienced this (me included!) - it’s just things stretching :) . Here’s a thread from another member who has experience the same phenomenum.

questions for Mr. Bib

Careful about going up too quickly in weight - 12.5lbs might be better for you after being used to 10lbs. Remember, the goal is fatigue, not how much weight you can hang off your penis. Take care because injury will set you back and really piss you off! :urinal:

lil1 :littleguy

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Thanks lil1 for your comments and the link to the thread. (I don’t know how I missed it). I was never really worried, maybe a bit concerned, but mainly just was wondering if others had experienced the same thing. I think you’re correct saying that I should add the weight in smaller increments. I will go back down to 12.5 lbs for now. Thanks again for your comments.


I too feel this at 15 lbs! I have been hanging now for about two weeks and I can feel pop after pop, its not just one or two its many. I’m still not really sore from hanging, but I did add 1/4” to my length in just two weeks! Now I don’t know if this is fast gains from hanging but all I know is I have 3/4” left to meet my goal of 9”.

What I want to know is this girth I’m seeing just swelling from the bib or is it actual gains? I mean that my penis has just blown up like a balloon! I stopped all other PE activity last week to devote all my time to gaining the last inch I need to get to my goal, so I know its not gains from jelqing or squeezing. I keep the bib adjusted so that most the weight is at the base of the head. I re adjust as I add weight so the bib grabs more of the penis to help with the pressure. But I did not think that I would add girth to that part of the penis under the bib. So right now I’m on my two days off… I will know more come Mon or Tues if its just swelling from the bib!


oh… also i have been using a heating pad while I hang. I fold it in two and lay it on my penis between the bib and the base of my penis while hanging. When I remove the bib I will jelq a bit to get the blood flowing again then wrap it with the heating pad. I will spend two to three hours wrapped with the heating pad, so that may have added to help me with my gains!

The funny thing is I have this setup with a pulley and weight to hang straight out, and every time I have them pops I can hear the pulley move as the penis is being stretched! I guess them pops are just the micro tears that is needed to make it longer.


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