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Lig "Cramp"

Lig "Cramp"

A question for the hangers:
After a hanging session, I feel something deep inside the root of my shaft (my ligs, I think) and along my pubic bone that feels similar to a cramp.
It doesn’t really hurt, it just feels like…well…like a mild cramp.
It goes away after a few minutes.

Anyone else ever experience this? If so, what does it mean?

I used to hang, and I know stretching won’t create Calais, but can it?

Calais??? The French town? I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure that stretching didn’t create that place.

I think it’s the fatigue feeling hangers often talk about. For me it feels more like a burning muscle sensation.

Yeah, it does feel a bit like muscle fatigue too, I guess.
When I first felt it though, it definitely felt more like a cramp.

Anyway, is it an indication that I’m gaining? Or is it just fatigue?

Also, after my last set, it felt like my ligs were pulling my shaft back into my body. It FELT like I was losing length when this was happening. Is that normal?

I don’t know if you need to get your ligs fatigued to gain from them but it does mean you had a good workout.

I haven’t hung using any of the lower angles for quite some time so I can’t really answer your last question.

I get a sore feeling at the base after about a week or so of hanging everyday. I believe this is the fatigue that is needed to make gains. After I reach this fatigue point, my ligs stay sore all the time. I can pull on my penis with my hands and feel a good sore stretch on my ligs. If I stop hanging for more than three or four days this fatigue will gradually go away. I also feel a constant fatigue in the bc muscle area. I believe that keeping these areas fatigued for several months at a time is what makes gains possible. I use a vacuum hanger that does not stretch the skin. It seems to only grip the internal penis.

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