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Less blood to the head


Less blood to the head

So I’ve been trying to do some hanging. I started out using a homemade bib hanger, which I constructed myself. I couldn’t get it to fit right so I tried something else. It’s a little bit like a noose hanger, but I have padding around the wrapping to that the pressure is distributed more widely than if I simply just used a noose.

Anyway, I’ve been hanging with 10 pounds. The hanger had a snug, comfortable fit. No pain or pulling skin. Hung for about 20 minutes, with no more than 2 sets per night, for a few nights in a row. After hanging, I would jelq a bit to restore blood flow. Everything felt good.

Now, for some reason, a few days after the last hanging session, I find that there is little to no blood flow to the head when I get an erection. Also, it takes a little longer for the erection to fully occur. I’m currently taking l-arginine supplement for blood flow.

Any suggestions as to what I should do? I’m thinking maybe I have too little blood in the head when I hang? I was hanging with close to no blood flow to the head.



I moved this here in the hopes that it will get more attention since this sub forum is just for hangers.

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It sounds like you constructed a dangerous hanger. Don’t PE for at least 2 weeks to give your penis some time to heal. When your penis is back to normal and you want to start hanging again make sure to construct a safe hanger.

Thanks for the advice. A few days later, same problem. I will definitely rest up for a couple weeks. Is this a fairly common thing? Just a little worried.

If I was you I would wait and buy a Bib Hanger. The best hanger out there. Better to spend the money than have a broken dick!

Originally Posted by splking1
If I was you I would wait and buy a Bib Hanger. The best hanger out there. Better to spend the money than have a broken dick!

Bib hangers are great, I recommend the Bib starter, unless your already hung like a bulll, the full sized bib is HUGE.

My goal is to be the best me, mind, body and soul, PE is part of achieving the best me.

Thanks for the replies. I am almost 100% sure I will be ordering a bib starter.

Maybe this is a question that could be solved with a quick search, but ill throw it out there now. How does any hanger work without damaging the head? I would think anything that is pulling downward and pulling on the head could cause a lot of damage.

Is this a fairly common problem that I am experiencing?

Well I took a week or 2 to stop PEing. Still taking l-arginine for blood flow. Monday and Tuesday of last week, EQ was back to normal. Everything was fine. After that, for some reason, EQ is lower again. Takes a lot of time to get to full erection. And when it is, it’s nowhere near what it usually is.


This kinda happens to me when I hang sometimes, just thought it was normal but now you got me worried.I have no problem getting an erection though with a girl.

When I hang I don’t think I get any blood flow to the glans but is the only way I can get it to grip well.

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I use a regular bib. When i am attaching the hanger, just before i tighten it, I do a reverse ok grip right at the ridge of the glans and squeeze the entire head. I feel the blood flowing back into the shaft from the head. I keep the head squeezed while tightening the hanger.

This helps me a lot but I feel you are always going to be putting pressure on the head no matter what you do. I actually like some of it because it is actually like a head exercise.

My personal test is this. When you start a new set, for the first minute or so the head should be somewhat pliable. After a few minutes, at least for me, the head then will become pretty hard from the pressure inside (not erect, just hard to the touch from the blood). if you start the set and the head is hard to the touch immediately, thats not good because too much pressure will hit the head later in the set

ngt2000, you may feel comfortable using your technique but it’s not the proper way of hanging. You don’t want to be hanging from the glans.

You should start flaccid enough that you don’t even have to squeeze out any blood from the glans. Attach the hanger about 1” below your glans and tighten it enough so you hang from the end of the CC’s which will act as a stopper without any pressure on your glans. You will need to tighten your hanger a few extra times during the session to stay behind the stopper.

This way your glans will stay soft to the touch throughout the session when done right.

It sounds like you started out with too much weight. You do not say much about your experience hanging but if you just started you should not be hanging more than 5lbs. You have to build up to 10lbs. Conditioning will allow you to build the structure to withstand higher weight loads, it’s a big “no-no,” to overload the little pecker right out of the starting gate.


I do not hang from the glans, I hang just below the circumcision mark. I am completely flaccid when I start, and I tighten the hanger as much as possible. My head still gets hard to the touch though

Perhaps you’re right ngt2000 but it does sound like you do.

From experience I know when my glans gets hard during hanging and it’s not from arousal, it’s because there’s pressure on my glans. When there’s pressure on your glans you’re basically hanging from your glans although it may not be the full load of the weight. This usually happens when the hanger isn’t tight enough.

Another thing, just in case it makes a difference, is that I only hang over the shoulder, never straight down

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