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In another thread Bib mentioned that in his view you should go for length, then width. What are the reasons for this?

Oops I meant to say GIRTH not WIDTH.

And to clarify my question a little:

Bib’s quote from “Jelking? Hanging? BOTH?” thread:

“T is correct, I would recommend going for length first, and then girth. Just makes good sense. There is a thread in this section somewhere with the reasons.”

Never found the thread you spoke of. Bib, or anyone else who can speak to this question, please respond with any info. Seems like it will have an important effect on how to begin growing! Very crucial question. What is the reasoning behind it.

Welcome aboard

Hey Salvatore,

Welcome aboard! I just spent 30 minutes trying to find Bib’s original thread about length vs girth and could not find it either.

Just answer this question. Which is easier to stretch. a thin rope or a thick rope? Bib’s post was a lot more detailed but this was the basic idea of it. :)

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Thanks glad to be here. So are you basically saying that length is easier to gain at first, BEFORE you get much girth. I know different guys have has success different ways. But your illustration of the “thin rope, thick rope” , when I think about it I think I am starting to understand it. For one thing, from my reading I am starting to see that for many of the guys, gaining the length is a little more challenging. And honestly, I probably need the length more, at least for my own self-image / appearance I desire it more. So if it is more economical to gain the length at first, THEN go on and get the girth ,then I guess I can start hanging. I have been jelqing while I watch TV which strikes me as, if nothing else, simply good for the health of your dick. But if I begin hanging, which I somehow find more awkward and embarrassing, I just hope that doesn’t result in pencil-dick for a year, although any gain is better than none.

Hey Sal

Forget about the pencil dick, I haven’t seen any posts from the guys hanging that say they are getting a pencil dick. When you hang you are putting stress on the whole structure of your penis, not just pulling from one point and stretching the thing like pulling on one end of a rubber band.

Also, here is the famous “missing thread”, it has been lost before, a couple of times. Check the posts around the first of December last year for the length vs girth reasoning. Really you should read that whole post and just about every other thing that Bib has posted here in this forum, especially if you decide to get serious about hanging.

Healing…and apology!

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