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Lack of time

Lack of time

This is my first post, so here it goes:

I just got my Bib Hanger and started using it. The problem is that I work 10-12 hrs a day, generally. I can get an hour or so of hanging and some jelquing in, but everyone here seems to hang for several hours a day. Can I get any decent length gains (I’m starting at only 5.25) in just an hour a day? Does anyone in a similar situation have any suggestions? Thanks

I only have time to hang an hour a day and I’ve made good gains. About 1 1/2” in over a year and a half. That’s with a combination of hanging and jelqing. With occasional lapses of both. I don’t (can’t) PE near as much as some of the folks here, between working and having two teenage kids around, there’s not much time or privacy to do it. But don’t let lack of time stop you. I’ve found what’s important is to get into a routine/schedule that works for you, and keep to it. Consistency is the key. I find my biggest stumbling block to gains isn’t how long I do it, but NOT doing it.

daomun is absolutely right, find a routine that works for you and stick to it. I work 4 ten hr. days, and my commute is an hr. one way to work. I hang 3 sets of 20 min. each, with 50 PJ strokes in between sets-6 on 1 off. With this routine I have seen gains in just 2 mos. BTW, I hang 12 lbs. under a desk using a pulley setup. I rotate in my swivel chair during the set pulling in all directions, as well as leaning back in the chair. At the end of the routine, I definetely feel the fatigue in the right places.

So if you find a routine that you can stick with, more than likely you will achieve some kind of gains.Consistency is the key to sucess.

Good Luck

"If you build it, they will come".

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