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Kegel while Hanging. Yes or No

Kegel while Hanging. Yes or No

For some reason I thought kegeling while hanging was beneficial, but than I read a thread that said it does nothing.

What is the concensus on kegeling while hanging? I get tugback, at straight out and over the shoulder angles. This leads to a tugback, and lifting of the weights. I used to do reps of this until my muscle wouldn’t react as much.

I have since stopped doing them, but still question it.?


Kegel while hanging does nothing, but reverse kegel is beneficial.

I like to kegal while hanging. When you release the kegal it is almost like a little tug on the penis. I also use them to help hit fatigue faster. The “tugging” I mentioned seems to tire me out faster.

I'm consistent in spurts, but gains are undeniable!

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What hopeful2 said.

Also, i have a suspicion that keggeling while hanging and maintaining a 30 % - 40 % erection contribute to girth gains.

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I’m gonna go ahead right now and recommend against hanging while semi-erect. It caused a lot of guys injuries in the past and I have no reason to believe it wouldn’t do so currently.

Now that that’s out of the way I’ll talk about kegeling a bit. When I hung a lot I would kegel during the hanging session just to get my kegels in. I never noticed them doing anything as far as fatiguing faster. Reverse kegels did help me reach fatigue a little bit faster but not by a whole lot. RK’s are a great boost while doing manual tunica work especially but I could never build up the endurance to hold them long enough for a whole hanging session.

I don’t even notice anything when I reverse kegel. I assume reverse kegel, similar to pushing the muscles to take a shit. If so I either don’t even have such a muscle, or there super weak. Kegeling though produces a nice tugback and if erect a nice filling in.

Originally Posted by kushextender
I don’t even notice anything when I reverse kegel.

Are you hanging BTC while doing this?

It could maybe give a sensation of faster fatigue but we haven’t heard of people making extra gains from kegeling while hanging. And as far as hanging semi-erect or erect, depends on each person; try it carefully. When I started PE’ing I used to hang up to 20 pounds fully erected sometimes. Never had a single problem. Experiment yourself with caution.

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It’s a good time to get a good kegeling workout, but I don’t think it will contribute anything to your hanging gains.

I only get tugback at straight out or straight up angles. SD and BTC I have zero tugback, but my balls rise when I kegel, the right one has much more effect at rising, than the left.

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