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Just starting hanging

Just starting hanging

Hi all

This will be my new rutine.
Mornings: 5min jelq(warm up) 20min clamp and 5 min jelq again.
Evenings: 3x20 min of hanging (I will start at 3x10)

I made a very simple hanger out of a mousepad and boxing wraps, and tried it out just a few minutes ago with about 6lbs. I wore it for about 10 minutes without any big problems. My only thing that happened was that the head of my penis got blood filled, it got a little colder and bluer (never too cold or blue/black). I will make a better hanger when I get time (and some ideas) Now I have some questions.

1. When hanging, does it make and difference wether you tie the knot (that I hang from) at the top of the penis, or under the penis. I guess it puts the stress at different parts. Is one way better than the other?

2. The head getting pumped, and a little bluish and cold. This is nothing I need to worry about, right?


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Always squeeze the blood out of glans before you put on the hanger. You don’t need to worry about that unless it is too cold or too dark. It’s normal that it gets colder and darker especially when you just start it is unavoidable. You will see soon that it will be minimal when you adapt to hanging. Good luck and report us about you progress.

Sounds to me like a noosehanger and far from safe.

Forget about this ‘hanger’ and make yourself an AFB hanger or a Captain’s Wench, Homemade Hanger Models and Instructions.

When you tie the knot under the penis you will be hanging from your balls :D The ideal place for a hanger is just below the glans.

Thanks for the replies! I will check out that thread

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