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just started hanging

just started hanging

Hi guys, I just started using my wench today. I just can’t seem to gain, but I am hoping this will work. I need length and girth. Should I hang, and do girth exercised on the same day? Also how long should I hang starting out. Today I hung for about 15 minutes. Could somebody mabey give me a starting routine to follow. For girth I jelq, mabey 20 minutes, then take an elastic hair tie, and put it around the base or close to it. I start getting hard and kegling as much blood in as possible. I then squeez at the base to trap the blood even more. From here I can erect bend, or do squeezes. Pretty much anything. The pressure created is great. My dic gets huge.

I’ve had great success gaining length by following Bib’s advice: Divide and conquer.

>I just can’t seem to gain, but I am hoping this will work.<

I’m assuming you mean that you haven’t yet gained the length you are after. If this is your case for hanging I recommend you also consider the “divide and conquer” approach and lay off the girth work while you pursue length.
You can always get back to girth once you’ve gained the length you want.

>Could somebody mabey give me a starting routine to follow.<

I can’t give a routine but here are a few good ideas on how to make hanging best work for you:

Take it as slow and easy as you can. Avoid using an amount of weight that is in any way painful (other than the necessary skin-stretch you are due). You are not growing when you are in pain. You are only hurting yourself.
You can and will grow using very little weight.

Keep your sets to a safe 15 minutes or less in the beginning.

Never increase your weight more than 1.5 - 2lbs a week.

Know your LOT and how to use it to your advantage.

Heat before and during the first half of a set - no heat for the second half. No heat at all for your last set.

Try to achieve fatigue by putting in more time instead of adding more weight.

The more time you put in the more growth you will get

Retire your ruler for at least a month.

I like your screen name.

Hainging discomfort

All good advise from the cap. Try to keep your mind occupied while you hang, watch TV or better yet read T’s place forums. If you can’t concentrate on the show you are watching or the thread you are reading due to discomfort, or if you notice you are watching the clock constantly, you are probably hanging too much weight or you need to readjust your hanger, massage and or squeeze blood from the glands, or check your wrap. Definitely find your LOT and hang in the correct direction. My LOT is so low I always have to hang high. In fact, my LOT is so low I can lift 12 lbs BTC with just a kegal, so I like to hang from pulleys under my desk while reading the forum. Also if you are blessed as I am with a PE sympathetic partner, have her sit next to you and play with your balls while you hang OTS or Over the Couch in my case, while watching a show on the tube. Any such distraction helps, just don’t get so distracted you forget about time completely, or so turned on you pop wood. Hard-ons and hanging are bad news. Listen to the vets and read everything they have to say. Me, I don’t know what the hell I’m talking about, so if your dick falls off don’t blame me


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